20 Essential Collocations with “Market”

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The word “market” is central to discussions about economics, business, and everyday shopping. It appears in various collocations, enriching our language with nuances specific to activities, contexts, or items associated with buying and selling.

This blog post explores 20 common collocations with the word “market,” offering clear meanings and straightforward examples for each. Whether you’re a student, a professional, or just a curious reader, these expressions will enhance your understanding of market dynamics and economic discussions.

Collocations with Market

11. Market Trends

Meaning: Patterns in market movements.

Example: Watching market trends.

12. Market Price

Meaning: Current selling price.

Example: Checked the market price.

13. Market Demand

Meaning: Consumer desire for a product.

Example: Market demand is rising.

14. Target Market

Meaning: Intended consumer group.

Example: Teens are the target market.

15. Market Entry

Meaning: Starting to sell in a new market.

Example: Planned their market entry.

16. Market Analysis

Meaning: Study of market conditions.

Example: Completed a market analysis.

17. Market Forces

Meaning: Economic factors affecting prices.

Example: Market forces shifted.

18. Market Manipulation

Meaning: Influencing market unfairly.

Example: Investigated for market manipulation.

19. Market Sentiment

Meaning: General mood of the market.

Example: Market sentiment is positive.

20. Market Basket

Meaning: Set of selected goods for analysis.

Example: Updated the market basket.

Collocations with Market

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