20 Phrasal Verbs with “Make Up”

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Phrasal verbs are essential parts of English that combine verbs with prepositions or adverbs. In this blog post, we’ll explore 20 common phrasal verbs with “make up,” providing short meanings and example sentences to help you understand and use them effectively.

Phrasal Verbs with “Make Up”

1. Make up for

Meaning: Compensate for something.
Example: He tried to make up for lost time.

2. Make up

Meaning: Invent or create something.
Example: She made up an excuse to leave.

3. Make up with

Meaning: Reconcile after a quarrel.
Example: They made up with each other yesterday.

4. Make up to

Meaning: Try to gain favor.
Example: He made up to his boss for promotion.

5. Make up one’s mind

Meaning: Decide something.
Example: She made up her mind quickly.

6. Make up from

Meaning: Consist of various elements.
Example: The team is made up from experts.

7. Make up into

Meaning: Transform into something.
Example: The fabric was made up into dresses.

8. Make up off

Meaning: Create or compile.
Example: She made up a list of tasks.

9. Make up after

Meaning: Clean up or organize post-event.
Example: They made up after the party.

10. Make up as

Meaning: Dress or disguise as something.
Example: She made up as a ghost for Halloween.

11. Make up around

Meaning: Compose or form around something.
Example: The plan was made up around his ideas.

12. Make up out

Meaning: Interpret or understand something.
Example: I can’t make up what he said.

13. Make up through

Meaning: Endure or persevere through something.
Example: They made up through tough times.

14. Make up in

Meaning: Add something to balance a deficiency.
Example: She made up in kindness what she lacked in wealth.

15. Make up from scratch

Meaning: Create from the beginning.
Example: He made up the recipe from scratch.

16. Make up beyond

Meaning: Extend beyond something.
Example: The benefits make up beyond the costs.

17. Make up together

Meaning: Combine efforts for something.
Example: They made up together to complete the project.

18. Make up outside

Meaning: Adjust or correct externally.
Example: The problem was made up outside the system.

19. Make up inside

Meaning: Fix or settle internally.
Example: Issues were made up inside the company.

20. Make up during

Meaning: Perform or achieve within a period.
Example: They made up during the last quarter.

Phrasal Verbs with “Make Up”

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