Learn 20 Expressions About Money

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Money is a fundamental aspect of our lives, influencing many of our daily decisions and interactions. Understanding various expressions about money can enhance communication and provide insights into cultural attitudes toward wealth and financial management. Here are 20 expressions related to money.

Expressions About Money

1. Break the Bank

Meaning: To cost too much.
Example: That luxury car will break the bank.

2. Money Talks

Meaning: Money can influence decisions.
Example: In politics, money talks loudly.

3. Pay Through the Nose

Meaning: Pay a lot of money.
Example: We paid through the nose for tickets.

4. Cash Cow

Meaning: A profitable business or product.
Example: Their new app is a cash cow.

5. Cheapskate

Meaning: Someone who is very frugal.
Example: He’s known as a real cheapskate.

6. Nest Egg

Meaning: Savings for the future.
Example: They have a nest egg for retirement.

7. Make Ends Meet

Meaning: To manage on a limited budget.
Example: It’s hard to make ends meet sometimes.

8. Born with a Silver Spoon

Meaning: Born into a wealthy family.
Example: She was born with a silver spoon.

9. Tighten One’s Belt

Meaning: Reduce spending.
Example: We need to tighten our belts this month.

10. Foot the Bill

Meaning: Pay for something.
Example: I’ll foot the bill for dinner.

11. Live from Hand to Mouth

Meaning: Survive on little money.
Example: They live from hand to mouth.

12. Bring Home the Bacon

Meaning: Earn a living.
Example: He works hard to bring home the bacon.

13. Penny Pincher

Meaning: A person who is very frugal.
Example: She’s a notorious penny pincher.

14. Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees

Meaning: Money is not easy to earn.
Example: Remember, money doesn’t grow on trees.

15. In the Red

Meaning: Owing money, in debt.
Example: The company is in the red again.

16. In the Black

Meaning: Making a profit.
Example: This year, we are in the black.

17. Burn a Hole in One’s Pocket

Meaning: Money that one wants to spend quickly.
Example: His bonus burned a hole in his pocket.

18. Cut Corners

Meaning: Save money by reducing quality.
Example: Don’t cut corners on safety equipment.

19. Easy Money

Meaning: Money obtained without much effort.
Example: Winning the lottery is easy money.

20. Rolling in Money

Meaning: Very wealthy.
Example: They must be rolling in money.

Expressions About Money

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