Common Abbreviation List Pdf – 500 Useful Abbreviations

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Common Abbreviation List Pdf! Here is a list of abbreviations in English for students and knowledge seekers, download a Pdf from the post.

Common Abbreviations List pdf is in post bottom.

Common Abbreviation List

ACE a cool experience
ANI age not important
A/G RATIO Albumin to globulin ratio.
ETOH alcohol
& and
ETC. and more
AM ante meridiem (before noon)
APT. apartment
APPT. appointment
APPROX approximately
AFAIK as far as i know
P.R.N. as needed
A.S.A.P. as soon as possible
AMA ask me anything
ASSOC. association
@ at
H.S. at bedtime
QHS at each bedtime
AVE. avenue
AFK away from keyboard
AD awesome dude
BAE babe or before anyone else
BA bachelor of arts
BS bachelor of science
BRB be right back
BRB be right back
B/C because
B/4 before
A.C. before meals
BC before the year 0
BVT bilingual vocational training
BLD blood
BP blood pressure
BKPR bookkeeper
O.U. both eyes
BLVD. boulevard
BR bounce rate
BE business english
B2B business to business
B2C business to customer
P.O. by mouth
CALIF. california
CTA call to action
CANE Canadian english
CYN. canyon
CAPT. captain
CM centimeter
CWYL chat with you later
CEO chief executive officer
CFO chief financial officer
CMO chief marketing officer
CTR click through rate
COL. colonel
COLO. Colorado
CF compared to
C/O complaint of
CALI computer assisted language instruction
CALL computer assisted language learning
CMS content management system
CR conversion rate
CORP. corporation
CPC cost per click
CT. court
CYA cover your a** or see ya
C cup/cups
CX customer experience


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Most Used Abbreviations List

A long list of abbreviations that are mostly used.

DEPT. department
DPT. department
DIFF difference
DM direct message
D.C. district of Columbia
DIKY Do i know you?
D.I.Y. do it yourself
DR. doctor
DC doctor of chiropractic
DAE Does anyone else?
DR. drive
DR. drive
GTT drops
EA. each
Q.D. each day
QPM each evening
QAM each morning
E east
E/O either/ or
ECT electro conclusive therapy
NEP: NON English proficient
NES: NON English speaking
EST. established
E.T.A. estimated time of arrival
Q2H every 2 hours
QOD every other day
EVP executive vice president
ELI5 explain like i’m 5
FB facebook
FTFY fixed that for you
FT. foot
E.G. for example
I.E. for example
FR. from
FTE full
GAL. gallon
GEN. general
GA. georgia
GOV. government
GVHD graft vs. host disease
G gram
G gram
> greater than
HA headache
HQ headquarters
HWY. highway
HR hour
HBU how about you?
HIFW how i feel/felt when
IDK / IDKE i don’t know / i don’t know either
ILY i love you
IQ ignorance quotient
IAM in a meeting
ICYMI in case you missed it
IMO in my opinion
IRL in real life
IN VIVO in the body
IN VITRO in the laboratory
IN. inch
INC. incorporated
IND. India
ICU intensive care unit
ITU intensive therapy unit
INT’L international
IU international units
JT joint
JD juris doctor
JSYK just so you know
KG kilogram
LN. lane
LN. lane
LOL laugh out loud
LMAO laughing my a** off
LULZ laughs
LET leaving early today
O.S. left eye
< less than
LMK let me know
LT. lieutenant
LTD. limited


Abbreviations for Sms

LLC limited liability corp.
LBP low back pain
MGMT. management
MD managing director
MA master of arts
M.PHIL OR MPHIL master of philosophy
MAX maximum
MIRL me in real life
MD medical doctor
M/H medical history
M meter
MICH. Michigan
MI. mile
MPH. miles per hour
MG. milligram
ML milliliters
MM millimeter
MIN. minute or minimum
MISC. miscellaneous
MR. mister
MRS. mistress (pronounced missus)
MVP mitral valve prolapse
MONT. Montana
MT. mountain/ mount
MFW/MRW my face when / my reaction when
N/V nausea or vomiting
NVM nevermind
N.J. new jersey
N.M. new Mexico
N.Y. new York
NOOB newbie
NIM no internal message
NP no problem
NRN no reply necessary
N north
NE northeast
NW northwest
NSFW not safe for work
NPO nothing by mouth
NO. number
NCP nursing care plan
OFC of course
OTP on the phone
OZ ounce
PV page views
PTE part
PNL peace and love
PA personal assistant
PT physical therapy
PT pint
PT. pints
POS point of sale
POL. politics
PM post meridiem (afternoon)
LB pound/pounds
P president
PROF. professor
PD progressive disease
P pulse
QT quart
QT. quarts
QAP quick as possible
QFT quoted for truth
RTD real time data
RN registered nurse
O.D. right eye
RD. road
SEM search engine marketing
SEO search engine optimization
SEC second
CUL see you later
SR. senior
SVP senior vice president
SGT. sergeant
FACEPALM seriously?
SMH shaking my head
SMS short message service
SOB shortness of breath
STFU shut the f*** up
SNMP so not my problem
SM social media
SMM social media marketing
S/T something
S south
S.C. south carolina
SE southeast
SW southwest
SQ square
S/P status post
ST. street
SUBJ. subject
STE. suite
TBS, TBSP OR T tablespoon/tablespoons
TAB tablet
TSP OR T teaspoon/teaspoons
T temperature
TY thank you
TAY thinking about you
K thousand
TBT throwback Thursday
TBH to be honest
TTP to the point
TIL today i learned
TL;DR too long; didn’t read
B.I.D. twice daily
VS. versus
V. very
VET. veteran or veterinarian
VP vice president
VOL. volume
WT weight
W west
WIIFM what’s in it for me
W/ with
W/O without
WOM word of mouth
WFH work from home
WC wrong conversation
YGTI you get the idea
YOLO you only live once
YMMV your mileage may vary


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Common Abbreviation List Pdf Common Abbreviation List Pdf useful abbreviations pdf common abbreviations pdf list of abbreviations pdf


Get Here: Common Abbreviation List Pdf

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