Learn Communication Expressions in English

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These communication expressions are commonly used to convey messages effectively in conversations and discussions.

Communication Expressions

  1. Break the ice
    Meaning: To ease into conversation.
    Example: He broke the ice with a joke.
  2. Get across
    Meaning: To successfully communicate a message.
    Example: He struggled to get his ideas across.
  3. Hit it off
    Meaning: To quickly establish good rapport.
    Example: They immediately hit it off at dinner.
  4. Keep in touch
    Meaning: To maintain communication with someone.
    Example: They promised to keep in touch.
  5. Talk over
    Meaning: To discuss something thoroughly.
    Example: They talked over the business plan.
  6. Get through to
    Meaning: To communicate successfully with someone.
    Example: It took time to get through to her.
  7. Speak up
    Meaning: To express one’s opinion freely.
    Example: He spoke up about his concerns.
  8. Bring up
    Meaning: To introduce a topic in conversation.
    Example: She brought up the new project.
  9. Touch base
    Meaning: To briefly update or reconnect.
    Example: Let’s touch base on the project soon.
  10. Talk down to
    Meaning: To speak in a condescending manner.
    Example: She disliked being talked down to.
  11. Sound out
    Meaning: To cautiously explore someone’s opinion.
    Example: He sounded out her views on the plan.
  12. Iron out
    Meaning: To resolve problems through discussion.
    Example: They ironed out their differences.
  13. Fill in
    Meaning: To inform someone in detail.
    Example: She filled him in on recent changes.
  14. Pass on
    Meaning: To convey or relay a message.
    Example: Can you pass on my thanks to him?
  15. Put across
    Meaning: To communicate an idea clearly.
    Example: She put her ideas across well.
  16. Talk through
    Meaning: To discuss something step by step.
    Example: They talked through the project schedule.
  17. Chat up
    Meaning: To engage in conversation flirtatiously.
    Example: He tried to chat her up at the party.
  18. Open up
    Meaning: To share one’s thoughts and feelings.
    Example: He opened up about his struggles.
  19. Clam up
    Meaning: To become silent or uncommunicative.
    Example: She clammed up when asked about it.
  20. Touch on
    Meaning: To briefly mention a topic.
    Example: He touched on the new regulations.

communication expressions

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