Learn 20 Networking Expressions in English

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Networking expressions are used to build connections, foster relationships, and open new professional opportunities.

Networking Expressions

  1. Break the ice
    Meaning: Start a conversation comfortably
    Example: He told a joke to break the ice.
  2. Rub elbows with
    Meaning: Socialize with influential people
    Example: She loves rubbing elbows with celebrities.
  3. Touch base
    Meaning: Quickly update or reconnect
    Example: Let’s touch base next week to discuss.
  4. Cold call
    Meaning: Contact someone without prior introduction
    Example: Sales teams often make cold calls.
  5. Pass the baton
    Meaning: Hand over a task or responsibility
    Example: I’ll pass the baton to my successor.
  6. Get the ball rolling
    Meaning: Start something, often a project
    Example: Let’s get the ball rolling on this project.
  7. Pick someone’s brain
    Meaning: Ask for someone’s advice or ideas
    Example: Can I pick your brain about marketing?
  8. Build bridges
    Meaning: Foster positive relationships
    Example: We need to build bridges with our partners.
  9. Cast a wide net
    Meaning: Explore many possibilities or opportunities
    Example: We’re casting a wide net for job applicants.
  10. Put out feelers
    Meaning: Make informal inquiries
    Example: He’s putting out feelers for new opportunities.
  11. Work the room
    Meaning: Socialize strategically at an event
    Example: She knows how to work the room at parties.
  12. Drop a name
    Meaning: Mention someone famous to impress
    Example: He loves to drop a name in conversations.
  13. Meet and greet
    Meaning: Informal event to introduce people
    Example: The company organized a meet and greet.
  14. Network like a pro
    Meaning: Skillfully build and maintain relationships
    Example: She knows how to network like a pro.
  15. In someone’s good books
    Meaning: Be in someone’s favor
    Example: I’m in my boss’s good books.
  16. Go the extra mile
    Meaning: Put in additional effort
    Example: He goes the extra mile for his clients.
  17. Turn on the charm
    Meaning: Behave very attractively or charismatically
    Example: He turned on the charm for networking.
  18. Break into
    Meaning: Enter a new field or industry
    Example: She wants to break into tech.
  19. Wine and dine
    Meaning: Entertain with food and drinks
    Example: They wined and dined the new clients.
  20. Mix and mingle
    Meaning: Socialize informally in a group
    Example: Guests mixed and mingled at the conference.

networking expressions

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