Learn Teamwork Expressions in English

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Teamwork expressions help teams collaborate effectively, ensuring unity, productivity, and common goals.

Teamwork Expressions

  1. Pull together
    Meaning: Work as a team harmoniously
    Example: We need to pull together on this project.
  2. Lend a hand
    Meaning: Assist someone with a task
    Example: Can you lend a hand with this report?
  3. Pitch in
    Meaning: Contribute to a collective effort
    Example: Everyone pitched in to finish the project.
  4. Shoulder to shoulder
    Meaning: Stand united with someone
    Example: We’re working shoulder to shoulder to succeed.
  5. Work hand in glove
    Meaning: Collaborate closely and effectively
    Example: The teams work hand in glove on tasks.
  6. Join forces
    Meaning: Unite to achieve a common goal
    Example: They joined forces to tackle the problem.
  7. Buckle down
    Meaning: Start working seriously
    Example: We need to buckle down to meet deadlines.
  8. Put our heads together
    Meaning: Collaborate to find a solution
    Example: Let’s put our heads together to solve this.
  9. Go the extra mile
    Meaning: Put in additional effort
    Example: The team went the extra mile for success.
  10. All hands on deck
    Meaning: Everyone is needed to help
    Example: It’s all hands on deck for the launch.
  11. Sing from the same hymn sheet
    Meaning: Have the same viewpoint or understanding
    Example: We’re all singing from the same hymn sheet.
  12. A well-oiled machine
    Meaning: Work efficiently together as a team
    Example: Our marketing team is a well-oiled machine.
  13. Play your part
    Meaning: Contribute to the team’s success
    Example: Everyone needs to play their part.
  14. In the same boat
    Meaning: Facing the same challenges together
    Example: We’re all in the same boat with these changes.
  15. Row in the same direction
    Meaning: Work toward a shared goal
    Example: The team rows in the same direction.
  16. Hold the fort
    Meaning: Take responsibility temporarily
    Example: Can you hold the fort while I’m gone?
  17. A team player
    Meaning: A cooperative and supportive team member
    Example: She’s a team player and always helps out.
  18. Split the workload
    Meaning: Divide tasks evenly among the team
    Example: We split the workload to finish quickly.
  19. Two heads are better than one
    Meaning: Collaboration yields better results
    Example: Two heads are better than one on this issue.
  20. Pull your weight
    Meaning: Do your fair share of work
    Example: We all need to pull our weight in this project.

teamwork expressions

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