20 Comparing and Contrasting Phrases in English

Discover essential English phrases for comparing and contrasting, perfect for ESL students seeking to enhance their writing and speaking skills.

1. As well as

Meaning: In addition to
Example: She enjoys soccer as well as basketball.

2. Similarly

Meaning: In a like manner
Example: He studies hard; similarly, his sister does too.

3. Just as

Meaning: Equally, in the same way
Example: Just as Rome wasn’t built in a day, success takes time.

4. Likewise

Meaning: Also, in addition
Example: She is talented; likewise, she is very humble.

5. Compared to

Meaning: In comparison with
Example: Compared to last year, our profits are higher.

6. In contrast

Meaning: Showing differences
Example: In contrast to his words, his actions spoke louder.

7. On the other hand

Meaning: Looking at the opposite side
Example: I love the city; on the other hand, I crave nature.

8. However

Meaning: But, on the contrary
Example: He’s friendly, however, quite shy.

9. Although

Meaning: Despite the fact that
Example: Although it rained, we enjoyed the picnic.

10. Yet

Meaning: But at the same time
Example: She is kind, yet very firm.

11. Conversely

Meaning: In an opposite way
Example: He is loud, conversely, she is quiet.

12. Whereas

Meaning: Contrasting with
Example: He likes tea, whereas she prefers coffee.

13. Unlike

Meaning: Different from
Example: Unlike his brother, he avoids sports.

14. While

Meaning: During the same time
Example: While I read, my brother watches TV.

15. Instead of

Meaning: In place of
Example: Instead of complaining, he offered solutions.

16. Neither nor

Meaning: Not either and not the other
Example: He neither drinks nor smokes.

17. Either or

Meaning: One or the other
Example: We can either eat now or after the meeting.

18. Not only… but also

Meaning: Adds emphasis
Example: Not only is she smart, but also kind.

19. Both… and

Meaning: Used to stress two things
Example: Both the cake and the pie are delicious.

20. Different from

Meaning: Not the same as
Example: This painting is different from the last one.

Comparing and Contrasting Phrases

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