20 Non-Gradable Adjectives in English

Understanding adjectives is crucial for English learners. Non-gradable adjectives, unlike their gradable counterparts, do not vary in intensity. This post explores twenty such adjectives to enhance your vocabulary.

Non-Gradable Adjectives

1. Absolute

Meaning: Total, complete

Example: His answer was absolute; there was no doubt.

2. Complete

Meaning: Fully finished

Example: The project is complete, nothing more is needed.

3. Dead

Meaning: No longer alive

Example: The mouse we found was dead, not sleeping.

4. Impossible

Meaning: Cannot be done

Example: Climbing that wall is impossible without gear.

5. Perfect

Meaning: Flawlessly ideal

Example: She scored a perfect ten in the competition.

6. Unique

Meaning: One of a kind

Example: Her voice is unique, instantly recognizable.

7. Universal

Meaning: Applicable everywhere

Example: Mathematics is a universal language understood globally.

8. Unanimous

Meaning: Fully in agreement

Example: The decision to relocate was unanimous among us.

9. Infinite

Meaning: Without end

Example: The universe is vast and seemingly infinite.

10. Supreme

Meaning: Highest in rank

Example: She holds the supreme authority in this matter.

11. Eternal

Meaning: Lasting forever

Example: They believed their love was eternal.

12. Absolute

Meaning: Completely total

Example: Their victory was absolute, without any flaws.

13. Chief

Meaning: Most important

Example: Her chief concern was the safety of her team.

14. Major

Meaning: Very significant

Example: This is a major step forward for our company.

15. Final

Meaning: Last, concluding

Example: This is the final version of the report.

16. Unconditional

Meaning: Without conditions

Example: His support for her was unconditional.

17. Sole

Meaning: Only, single

Example: She was the sole survivor of the crash.

18. Utter

Meaning: Complete, total

Example: It was an utter disaster at the launch.

19. Fixed

Meaning: Set, unchanging

Example: The schedule is fixed, with no room for change.

20. Frozen

Meaning: Solidified by cold

Example: The lake is frozen solid in winter.

Non Gradable Adjectives

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