20 Expressions Using the Word “EVEN”

In English, the word “even” adds emphasis and contrast, making statements stronger. Here are 20 expressions using “even” to help ESL students understand and use it effectively.

1. Even if

Meaning: Regardless of whether
Example: Even if it rains, we’ll go hiking.

2. Even so

Meaning: Despite that
Example: It was cold; even so, he swam.

3. Even now

Meaning: At this moment
Example: Even now, she remembers his words.

4. Even then

Meaning: At that time
Example: He was late, and even then he stopped for coffee.

5. Even better

Meaning: Surpassing expectations
Example: She passed her exam, and even better, with honors.

6. Even as

Meaning: While simultaneously
Example: Even as he spoke, the rain started.

7. Even though

Meaning: Despite the fact
Example: Even though tired, she finished running.

8. Break even

Meaning: No profit or loss
Example: After one year, the business broke even.

9. Not even

Meaning: Absolutely not
Example: He didn’t even say goodbye.

10. Even worse

Meaning: More negative
Example: He lied and, even worse, cheated.

11. Even out

Meaning: Become level
Example: Sand the wood until it evens out.

12. Even up

Meaning: Make equal
Example: The teams evened up the score.

13. Get even

Meaning: Seek revenge
Example: She vowed to get even with him.

14. Even keel

Meaning: Stable condition
Example: After chaos, things are on an even keel.

15. Even-tempered

Meaning: Consistently calm
Example: His even-tempered nature helps in crises.

16. Not even close

Meaning: Completely incorrect
Example: Your guess wasn’t even close to right.

17. On an even footing

Meaning: Equally balanced
Example: They started the debate on an even footing.

18. Even the score

Meaning: Equalize advantages
Example: He scored to even the score 2-2.

19. To even the odds

Meaning: Balance the chances
Example: They changed players to even the odds.

20. Even-handed

Meaning: Fair and impartial
Example: She dealt with the dispute even-handedly.

Expressions Using the Word EVEN

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