Learn 20 Interesting Cooking Expressions

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These cooking expressions are commonly used to convey ideas and situations, often adding a bit of flavor to everyday conversations.

Cooking Expressions

  1. Cook the Books
    Meaning: Alter financial records dishonestly
    Example: The accountant was caught cooking the books.
  2. Boil Over
    Meaning: Become unmanageable or uncontrollable
    Example: Tensions boiled over during the heated debate.
  3. Simmer Down
    Meaning: Calm down or become less intense
    Example: The teacher asked the kids to simmer down.
  4. Grill Someone
    Meaning: Question someone intensely
    Example: The detective grilled the suspect for hours.
  5. Too Many Cooks Spoil the Broth
    Meaning: Too many people working together can ruin things
    Example: They missed the deadline because too many cooks spoiled the broth.
  6. Burn to a Crisp
    Meaning: Burn something completely
    Example: She left the toast too long, and it was burned to a crisp.
  7. Cut the Mustard
    Meaning: Meet expectations or standards
    Example: The new intern couldn’t cut the mustard.
  8. Bring Home the Bacon
    Meaning: Earn money to support a family
    Example: He works hard to bring home the bacon.
  9. Eat Someone’s Lunch
    Meaning: Outperform or defeat someone
    Example: The new tech company ate their competitor’s lunch.
  10. Bake Into the Cake
    Meaning: Be an inherent or permanent feature
    Example: Flexibility is baked into the company’s culture.
  11. Egg on Someone’s Face
    Meaning: Appear foolish or embarrassed
    Example: He had egg on his face after the failed presentation.
  12. Half-Baked Idea
    Meaning: An idea that is not fully developed
    Example: His plan to renovate the house was a half-baked idea.
  13. Put All Eggs in One Basket
    Meaning: Rely heavily on one thing
    Example: Investing all your savings in one stock is like putting all your eggs in one basket.
  14. Blow Hot and Cold
    Meaning: Frequently change opinions or feelings
    Example: He blows hot and cold about the new project.
  15. Out of the Frying Pan into the Fire
    Meaning: Move from a bad situation to a worse one
    Example: Quitting the job without a plan was like jumping out of the frying pan into the fire.
  16. Stew in One’s Own Juice
    Meaning: Suffer the consequences of one’s actions
    Example: Let him stew in his own juice after that mistake.
  17. Sell Like Hotcakes
    Meaning: Sell very quickly
    Example: The new phones are selling like hotcakes.
  18. Bread and Butter Issue
    Meaning: A fundamental or important concern
    Example: Affordable healthcare is a bread and butter issue.
  19. Kettle of Fish
    Meaning: A different matter or situation
    Example: Dealing with kids is a whole different kettle of fish.
  20. Flip One’s Lid
    Meaning: Lose one’s temper or become very excited
    Example: He flipped his lid when he found out.

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