Learn 20 Interesting Shopping Expressions

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Shopping expressions are common phrases and phrasal verbs that describe the joy, challenges, and experiences of buying goods. Let’s explore 20 essential expressions!

Shopping Expressions

  1. Shop around
    Meaning: Compare prices before buying.
    Example: It’s smart to shop around for gadgets.
  2. Splash out
    Meaning: Spend extravagantly on something.
    Example: They splashed out on a luxury watch.
  3. Fork out
    Meaning: Pay money unwillingly.
    Example: He had to fork out for repairs.
  4. Snap up
    Meaning: Buy quickly before it’s gone.
    Example: Shoppers snapped up the limited edition.
  5. Pick up
    Meaning: Buy casually or on impulse.
    Example: She picked up some flowers on the way.
  6. Rip off
    Meaning: Overcharge or cheat someone.
    Example: That tour guide really ripped us off.
  7. Sell out
    Meaning: All items sold, none left.
    Example: Tickets to the concert sold out quickly.
  8. Mark down
    Meaning: Reduce the price of an item.
    Example: The store marked down the old models.
  9. Go broke
    Meaning: Lose all one’s money.
    Example: He went broke after excessive shopping.
  10. Window shopping
    Meaning: Browsing without intending to buy.
    Example: I spent hours window shopping at the mall.
  11. Bargain hunting
    Meaning: Searching for the best deals.
    Example: She loves bargain hunting on sale days.
  12. In the market for
    Meaning: Interested in buying something.
    Example: They’re in the market for a car.
  13. Pay through the nose
    Meaning: Pay too much money.
    Example: We paid through the nose for that TV.
  14. Try on
    Meaning: Put on clothes to see if they fit.
    Example: She tried on several dresses before buying.
  15. In stock
    Meaning: Available for sale.
    Example: They don’t have that model in stock.
  16. Out of stock
    Meaning: Not available for sale.
    Example: Unfortunately, the new game console is out of stock.
  17. On sale
    Meaning: Selling at a reduced price.
    Example: The jackets are on sale this week.
  18. Buy in bulk
    Meaning: Purchase in large quantities.
    Example: It’s cheaper if you buy in bulk.
  19. Clearance sale
    Meaning: Sale to clear out old inventory.
    Example: They offered big discounts at the clearance sale.
  20. Shop till you drop
    Meaning: Shop until you’re exhausted.
    Example: They shopped till they dropped on Black Friday.

shopping expressions

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