Learn 20 Interesting Travel Expressions

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Travel expressions help convey the excitement, challenges, and unique experiences of exploring new places. Here are 20 useful expressions to enrich your travel vocabulary!

Travel Expressions

  1. Set off
    Meaning: Begin a journey or trip.
    Example: We set off early to avoid traffic.
  2. Take off
    Meaning: Leave the ground (airplane).
    Example: The plane took off an hour late.
  3. Check in
    Meaning: Register at a hotel or airport.
    Example: We checked in at the airport counter.
  4. Get away
    Meaning: Go on vacation.
    Example: They got away for a weekend retreat.
  5. Hold up
    Meaning: Delay or stop progress.
    Example: Traffic held us up for two hours.
  6. Pack up
    Meaning: Gather belongings for travel.
    Example: It’s time to pack up and leave.
  7. Look around
    Meaning: Explore a place casually.
    Example: Let’s look around the old town market.
  8. See off
    Meaning: Say goodbye at the airport/station.
    Example: Her family came to see her off.
  9. Check out
    Meaning: Leave a hotel after paying.
    Example: They checked out and went to the airport.
  10. Get on
    Meaning: Enter a bus, train, or plane.
    Example: He got on the next bus to Madrid.
  11. Get off
    Meaning: Exit a bus, train, or plane.
    Example: We got off at the central station.
  12. Hit the road
    Meaning: Start a journey or trip.
    Example: Let’s hit the road early tomorrow.
  13. Book in advance
    Meaning: Reserve before the journey starts.
    Example: You should book in advance for holidays.
  14. Travel light
    Meaning: Travel with minimal luggage.
    Example: He prefers to travel light on business trips.
  15. Off the beaten path
    Meaning: Away from tourist areas.
    Example: Their campsite is off the beaten path.
  16. Catch a flight
    Meaning: Board an airplane.
    Example: She barely caught her flight to Rome.
  17. Miss a connection
    Meaning: Fail to board a connecting flight or train.
    Example: Due to delays, they missed their connection.
  18. Go sightseeing
    Meaning: Visit tourist attractions.
    Example: We’re going sightseeing in Paris today.
  19. Jet lag
    Meaning: Fatigue after a long flight.
    Example: She felt jet lag after her flight.
  20. Travel bug
    Meaning: Strong desire to travel often.
    Example: He’s caught the travel bug after Europe.

travel expressions

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