Learn 20 Interesting Vacation Expressions

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Vacation expressions describe the joy and unique experiences of taking time off for relaxation. Here are 20 essential expressions to express your vacation vibes!

Vacation Expressions

  1. Take a break
    Meaning: Have some rest or relaxation.
    Example: It’s time to take a break from work.
  2. Get away from it all
    Meaning: Escape the daily routine.
    Example: She wanted to get away from it all.
  3. Wind down
    Meaning: Relax after a period of stress.
    Example: He took a week off to wind down.
  4. Unplug from work
    Meaning: Disconnect from work-related matters.
    Example: She unplugged from work during her vacation.
  5. Kick back
    Meaning: Relax comfortably.
    Example: They kicked back on the sunny beach.
  6. Soak up the sun
    Meaning: Enjoy the warmth of the sun.
    Example: We’re soaking up the sun by the pool.
  7. Go on a retreat
    Meaning: Take time off for relaxation.
    Example: They’re going on a yoga retreat next month.
  8. Rejuvenate yourself
    Meaning: Revitalize or refresh oneself.
    Example: She went on a spa trip to rejuvenate herself.
  9. Recharge your batteries
    Meaning: Rest to gain new energy.
    Example: They spent the weekend recharging their batteries.
  10. Live it up
    Meaning: Enjoy oneself extravagantly.
    Example: They decided to live it up in Ibiza.
  11. Go off-season
    Meaning: Travel when fewer tourists are around.
    Example: It’s cheaper to go off-season.
  12. Staycation
    Meaning: Vacation spent at home or nearby.
    Example: They’re having a relaxing staycation this year.
  13. Weekend getaway
    Meaning: A short trip over the weekend.
    Example: A weekend getaway to the mountains sounds perfect.
  14. Pack one’s bags
    Meaning: Prepare to leave for vacation.
    Example: They packed their bags for Hawaii.
  15. Day trip
    Meaning: A short trip lasting one day.
    Example: They took a day trip to the nearby island.
  16. Tourist trap
    Meaning: Overpriced tourist destination.
    Example: Avoid the tourist trap shops downtown.
  17. Plan an itinerary
    Meaning: Create a schedule for travel activities.
    Example: She planned an itinerary for their European tour.
  18. Go cruising
    Meaning: Vacation on a cruise ship.
    Example: They’re going cruising in the Caribbean.
  19. Travel agency
    Meaning: Business that arranges travel and vacations.
    Example: They booked their trip through a travel agency.
  20. Holiday destination
    Meaning: Place chosen for a vacation.
    Example: Bali is a popular holiday destination.

vacation expressions

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