Learn 20 Interesting Weather Expressions

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Weather expressions are used to convey emotions, situations, and descriptions metaphorically. They offer a colorful way to communicate common feelings and circumstances.

Weather Expressions

  1. Under the weather
    • Meaning: Feeling sick or unwell
    • Example: Sarah feels under the weather today.
  2. Take a rain check
    • Meaning: Postpone an invitation to another time
    • Example: I’ll take a rain check on dinner.
  3. It never rains but it pours
    • Meaning: Misfortunes tend to occur all together
    • Example: First the car broke, now my phone!
  4. Come rain or shine
    • Meaning: No matter what happens
    • Example: We’ll be there, come rain or shine.
  5. A storm in a teacup
    • Meaning: Exaggerated fuss over a small issue
    • Example: Their argument was a storm in a teacup.
  6. Throw caution to the wind
    • Meaning: Take a risky or bold step
    • Example: She threw caution to the wind and resigned.
  7. Fair-weather friend
    • Meaning: Someone who supports only in good times
    • Example: Jake disappeared, proving to be a fair-weather friend.
  8. Break the ice
    • Meaning: Ease tension in a social setting
    • Example: A funny joke helped break the ice.
  9. Make hay while the sun shines
    • Meaning: Take advantage of good opportunities
    • Example: Study hard; make hay while the sun shines.
  10. Be on cloud nine
    • Meaning: Extremely happy and joyful
    • Example: Lisa was on cloud nine after the concert.
  11. Rain on someone’s parade
    • Meaning: Spoil someone‚Äôs plans or good mood
    • Example: Don’t rain on my parade with bad news.
  12. Lightning never strikes twice
    • Meaning: An unlikely event won’t happen again
    • Example: Relax, lightning never strikes twice.
  13. Weather the storm
    • Meaning: Survive difficult circumstances
    • Example: They managed to weather the storm of bankruptcy.
  14. Get wind of something
    • Meaning: Hear a rumor about something
    • Example: She got wind of the surprise party.
  15. Save it for a rainy day
    • Meaning: Save something for future needs
    • Example: I always save money for a rainy day.
  16. In the eye of the storm
    • Meaning: At the center of a difficult situation
    • Example: He was in the eye of the storm during the trial.
  17. Storm out
    • Meaning: Leave angrily and abruptly
    • Example: She stormed out after the argument.
  18. Chase rainbows
    • Meaning: Pursue unrealistic goals or dreams
    • Example: He’s always chasing rainbows with wild schemes.
  19. Bolt from the blue
    • Meaning: A sudden and unexpected event
    • Example: The job offer was a bolt from the blue.
  20. Head in the clouds
    • Meaning: Lost in daydreams or unrealistic thoughts
    • Example: He’s always got his head in the clouds

weather expressions

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