Learn 20 Interesting Morning Expressions

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Morning expressions are a great way to start the day with idioms that help convey positivity, routine, or even struggles in the early hours.

Morning Expressions

  1. Rise and shine
    • Meaning: Get out of bed cheerfully
    • Example: Come on, rise and shine, it’s morning!
  2. Wake up on the wrong side of the bed
    • Meaning: Be in a bad mood from the morning
    • Example: He woke up on the wrong side of the bed today.
  3. Bright and early
    • Meaning: Very early in the morning
    • Example: She always wakes up bright and early.
  4. Crack of dawn
    • Meaning: Very early in the morning
    • Example: They left for the airport at the crack of dawn.
  5. Not a morning person
    • Meaning: Someone who dislikes waking up early
    • Example: I’m not a morning person; don’t talk to me yet.
  6. Early bird catches the worm
    • Meaning: Those who start early succeed
    • Example: The early bird catches the worm, so start studying!
  7. Morning glory
    • Meaning: A person who is cheerful in the morning
    • Example: My sister is always a morning glory.
  8. Burn the midnight oil
    • Meaning: Stay up late working or studying
    • Example: I burned the midnight oil finishing the project.
  9. Up with the lark
    • Meaning: Wake up very early in the morning
    • Example: She’s always up with the lark.
  10. Morning ritual
    • Meaning: Routine done every morning
    • Example: My morning ritual includes yoga and coffee.
  11. Hit the ground running
    • Meaning: Start the day or activity energetically
    • Example: He hit the ground running with his new job.
  12. Morning blues
    • Meaning: Feeling low or unmotivated in the morning
    • Example: Monday mornings always give me the morning blues.
  13. First light
    • Meaning: The first appearance of daylight
    • Example: The team set off at first light.
  14. Break of day
    • Meaning: Very early morning or sunrise
    • Example: She started her run at the break of day.
  15. Not up to scratch
    • Meaning: Not in good condition or performance
    • Example: He wasn’t up to scratch this morning.
  16. Morning sickness
    • Meaning: Nausea experienced during pregnancy
    • Example: She’s dealing with morning sickness daily.
  17. Morning star
    • Meaning: Bright planet visible before sunrise
    • Example: Venus is often called the morning star.
  18. Shake off the cobwebs
    • Meaning: Clear away mental fog or tiredness
    • Example: I need coffee to shake off the cobwebs.
  19. Morning person
    • Meaning: Someone who enjoys mornings
    • Example: He’s always cheerful, a true morning person.
  20. First thing in the morning
    • Meaning: Immediately after waking up
    • Example: I’ll check my emails first thing in the morning.

morning expressions

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