Learn 20 Interesting Curiosity Expressions

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These expressions are used to show interest or intrigue. Here are 20 idioms and phrasal verbs that express curiosity.

Curiosity Expressions

  1. Nose around
    Meaning: Investigate or look for something secretly
    Example: He likes to nose around in his neighbor’s garden.
  2. Poke one’s nose into
    Meaning: Interfere in someone else’s business
    Example: She shouldn’t poke her nose into other people’s affairs.
  3. Raise eyebrows
    Meaning: Show surprise or curiosity
    Example: His strange behavior raised a few eyebrows.
  4. Dig up
    Meaning: Find hidden or forgotten information
    Example: The journalist dug up some old secrets.
  5. Sniff around
    Meaning: Investigate or search carefully
    Example: The detective sniffed around the suspect’s home.
  6. Itching to know
    Meaning: Very curious to find out
    Example: I’m itching to know the surprise!
  7. Curiosity killed the cat
    Meaning: Being too curious can lead to trouble
    Example: Don’t ask too many questions; curiosity killed the cat.
  8. Check out
    Meaning: Look at or examine carefully
    Example: He wants to check out the new bookstore.
  9. On the lookout for
    Meaning: Searching for or expecting
    Example: She’s always on the lookout for new recipes.
  10. Burning question
    Meaning: An important, intriguing question
    Example: His burning question is why she left.
  11. Look into
    Meaning: Investigate or examine
    Example: They are looking into the complaints.
  12. Pick someone’s brain
    Meaning: Ask for someone’s expert advice
    Example: I’d like to pick your brain on this topic.
  13. Root around
    Meaning: Search among a collection
    Example: She rooted around in her bag for the keys.
  14. Fishing for information
    Meaning: Try to subtly obtain information
    Example: He was fishing for information about her plans.
  15. Prick up one’s ears
    Meaning: Listen carefully with interest
    Example: His ears pricked up at the mention of a promotion.
  16. Inquisitive mind
    Meaning: Naturally curious and eager to learn
    Example: Her inquisitive mind always seeks new knowledge.
  17. Seek out
    Meaning: Search for or find
    Example: He sought out the best experts in the field.
  18. Glean information
    Meaning: Gather or extract information
    Example: She gleaned information from various reports.
  19. Ask around
    Meaning: Inquire or gather information from people
    Example: He asked around to find the best mechanic.
  20. Out of curiosity
    Meaning: Out of interest, not necessity
    Example: I tried the new restaurant out of curiosity.

curiosity expressions

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