Learn 20 Interesting Confusion Expressions

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These expressions are used to convey bewilderment or puzzlement. Explore 20 idioms and phrasal verbs that express confusion.

Confusion Expressions

  1. Lose the plot
    Meaning: Become confused or disoriented
    Example: She lost the plot halfway through the presentation.
  2. In a fog
    Meaning: Confused or unable to think clearly
    Example: He was in a fog after the accident.
  3. Go around in circles
    Meaning: Discuss something without making progress
    Example: The meeting went around in circles for hours.
  4. Throw off balance
    Meaning: Confuse or bewilder
    Example: His unexpected question threw her off balance.
  5. Not make head or tail of
    Meaning: Fail to understand
    Example: I can’t make head or tail of this report.
  6. Baffle someone
    Meaning: Confuse or perplex
    Example: The new software update baffled everyone.
  7. Muddle through
    Meaning: Proceed despite confusion or lack of knowledge
    Example: He managed to muddle through the presentation.
  8. Up in the air
    Meaning: Unresolved or uncertain
    Example: Plans for the event are still up in the air.
  9. Mixed up
    Meaning: Confused or bewildered
    Example: She was all mixed up about the dates.
  10. Throw for a loop
    Meaning: Surprise or confuse greatly
    Example: The sudden change in schedule threw her for a loop.
  11. Go blank
    Meaning: Forget or be unable to think clearly
    Example: He went blank during the job interview.
  12. All over the place
    Meaning: Inconsistent or confused
    Example: His thoughts were all over the place.
  13. Out of one’s depth
    Meaning: In a situation beyond understanding
    Example: He felt out of his depth in the advanced math class.
  14. Over one’s head
    Meaning: Too difficult to understand
    Example: The technical jargon went over my head.
  15. Beat around the bush
    Meaning: Avoid the main point
    Example: Stop beating around the bush and answer directly.
  16. Out to lunch
    Meaning: Absent-minded or inattentive
    Example: He seemed out to lunch during the meeting.
  17. Puzzle over
    Meaning: Think hard about something puzzling
    Example: She puzzled over the cryptic message.
  18. Out of the loop
    Meaning: Uninformed or unaware of recent information
    Example: He felt out of the loop regarding the new project.
  19. Not add up
    Meaning: Not make sense
    Example: His story just doesn’t add up.
  20. At a loss
    Meaning: Unsure or confused
    Example: I’m at a loss about what to do next.

confusion expressions

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