Learn 20 Interesting Event Expressions

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These event expressions help describe activities, emotions, and preparations that go into planning, attending, and enjoying different events.

Event Expressions

  1. Roll out the red carpet
    • Meaning: Welcome someone warmly.
    • Example: They rolled out the red carpet for guests.
  2. Save the date
    • Meaning: Remember the event’s date.
    • Example: Save the date for our wedding!
  3. Bring down the curtain
    • Meaning: End an event.
    • Example: It’s time to bring down the curtain.
  4. Take center stage
    • Meaning: Become the focus of attention.
    • Example: She took center stage at the conference.
  5. Set the stage
    • Meaning: Prepare for an event.
    • Example: We set the stage for a successful show.
  6. Dress to impress
    • Meaning: Dress well for an event.
    • Example: Dress to impress at the banquet.
  7. Rub elbows
    • Meaning: Mingle with important people.
    • Example: He loves to rub elbows at galas.
  8. Go off without a hitch
    • Meaning: Proceed smoothly.
    • Example: The awards ceremony went off without a hitch.
  9. Steal the show
    • Meaning: Attract the most attention.
    • Example: Her performance stole the show!
  10. Bring the curtain down
    • Meaning: Conclude an event.
    • Example: The band brought the curtain down beautifully.
  11. Draw a crowd
    • Meaning: Attract a large audience.
    • Example: The street performance drew a crowd.
  12. Ring the bell
    • Meaning: Achieve notable success.
    • Example: His speech rang the bell at the fundraiser.
  13. Raise the roof
    • Meaning: Make a lot of noise.
    • Example: The crowd raised the roof at the concert.
  14. Pull out all the stops
    • Meaning: Do everything possible.
    • Example: They pulled out all the stops for the event.
  15. Make a splash
    • Meaning: Gain noticeable attention.
    • Example: The band’s new album made a splash.
  16. Get the ball rolling
    • Meaning: Start an event successfully.
    • Example: We need to get the ball rolling!
  17. Step up to the plate
    • Meaning: Take responsibility for an event.
    • Example: He stepped up to the plate for planning.
  18. Throw one’s hat in the ring
    • Meaning: Volunteer to participate.
    • Example: She threw her hat in the ring for host.
  19. Keep the ball in the air
    • Meaning: Manage multiple tasks.
    • Example: They kept the ball in the air well.
  20. Turn out in force
    • Meaning: Attend in large numbers.
    • Example: Fans turned out in force for the game.

event expressions

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