Explore 20 Leisure Expressions in English

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These leisure expressions are used to describe fun activities, relaxation, and enjoyable moments spent during downtime.

Leisure Expressions

  1. Kick back
    • Meaning: Relax and unwind.
    • Example: It’s time to kick back by the pool.
  2. Chill out
    • Meaning: Calm down and relax.
    • Example: We’re chilling out with some good music.
  3. Put one’s feet up
    • Meaning: Rest comfortably.
    • Example: She’s putting her feet up at the spa.
  4. Take it easy
    • Meaning: Relax and not worry.
    • Example: Take it easy this weekend.
  5. Have a lie-in
    • Meaning: Stay in bed longer.
    • Example: He had a lie-in on Sunday.
  6. Catch some rays
    • Meaning: Relax in the sun.
    • Example: They caught some rays at the beach.
  7. Let off steam
    • Meaning: Relax after stress.
    • Example: He let off steam with some yoga.
  8. Take a breather
    • Meaning: Rest briefly.
    • Example: Let’s take a breather before our next tour.
  9. Unwind
    • Meaning: Relax after stress.
    • Example: Reading a book helps her unwind.
  10. Switch off
    • Meaning: Stop thinking about work.
    • Example: He switched off his phone during vacation.
  11. Wind down
    • Meaning: Relax and reduce stress.
    • Example: He winds down with some meditation.
  12. Daydream
    • Meaning: Let your mind wander.
    • Example: She often daydreams by the river.
  13. Lounge around
    • Meaning: Relax without doing much.
    • Example: They lounged around all afternoon.
  14. Hang loose
    • Meaning: Relax and take it easy.
    • Example: Let’s hang loose and listen to music.
  15. Kick off one’s shoes
    • Meaning: Remove shoes and relax.
    • Example: He kicked off his shoes and rested.
  16. Goof off
    • Meaning: Waste time playfully.
    • Example: The kids were goofing off in the backyard.
  17. Putter around
    • Meaning: Do small tasks leisurely.
    • Example: He puttered around in the garage.
  18. Veg out
    • Meaning: Relax lazily.
    • Example: They vegged out with a TV show.
  19. Take a load off
    • Meaning: Sit down and relax.
    • Example: Take a load off and join us.
  20. Mellow out
    • Meaning: Calm down and relax.
    • Example: He mellowed out with a good movie.

leisure expressions

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