Explore 20 Study Expressions in English

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These expressions are used to talk about studying, understanding new material, and learning efficiently. Here are 20 useful idioms and phrasal verbs to enhance your vocabulary.

Study Expressions

  1. Brush up on
  • Meaning: Review or improve skills.
  • Example: I need to brush up on algebra.
  1. Hit the books
  • Meaning: Study hard and diligently.
  • Example: She hit the books before exams.
  1. Learn by heart
  • Meaning: Memorize something thoroughly.
  • Example: You should learn these dates by heart.
  1. Pull an all-nighter
  • Meaning: Stay up all night studying.
  • Example: He pulled an all-nighter for the test.
  1. Crack a book
  • Meaning: Open and read a book.
  • Example: He hasn’t cracked a book all term.
  1. Bone up on
  • Meaning: Study hard and quickly.
  • Example: I had to bone up on math.
  1. Keep up with
  • Meaning: Stay at the same pace.
  • Example: I struggled to keep up with assignments.
  1. Hit the sack
  • Meaning: Go to sleep after studying.
  • Example: After studying, he hit the sack.
  1. Burn the midnight oil
  • Meaning: Study late into the night.
  • Example: She burned the midnight oil last night.
  1. Skim through
  • Meaning: Read quickly without detail.
  • Example: I skimmed through the textbook before class.
  1. Be swamped with
  • Meaning: Be overwhelmed by a lot of work.
  • Example: She’s swamped with essays and projects.
  1. Read up on
  • Meaning: Research or read extensively.
  • Example: You should read up on Shakespeare.
  1. Zone out
  • Meaning: Lose concentration while studying.
  • Example: I zoned out halfway through the lecture.
  1. Sleep on it
  • Meaning: Take time to consider a problem.
  • Example: I’ll sleep on it before deciding.
  1. Get the hang of
  • Meaning: Learn how to do something.
  • Example: She finally got the hang of algebra.
  1. Catch up on
  • Meaning: Make up for lost time.
  • Example: I need to catch up on my reading.
  1. Pass with flying colors
  • Meaning: Pass easily and with high marks.
  • Example: He passed the math test with flying colors.
  1. Fall behind
  • Meaning: Lag or move slower than others.
  • Example: I fell behind in my assignments.
  1. Hit the ground running
  • Meaning: Start doing something actively and energetically.
  • Example: She hit the ground running after vacation.
  1. Take in
  • Meaning: Fully understand or absorb information.
  • Example: It was hard to take in all the data.

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