Explore 20 School Expressions in English

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These expressions are used to describe various aspects of school life, including relationships, routines, and challenges. Here are 20 idioms and phrasal verbs related to school.

School Expressions

  1. Play truant
  • Meaning: Skip school without permission.
  • Example: He played truant to avoid the test.
  1. Drop out
  • Meaning: Leave school or university before finishing.
  • Example: He dropped out of college last year.
  1. Pass the test
  • Meaning: Succeed in an examination.
  • Example: I studied hard and passed the test.
  1. Ace a test
  • Meaning: Score very well on a test.
  • Example: She aced the history test.
  1. Teacher’s pet
  • Meaning: The teacher’s favorite student.
  • Example: Mary is the teacher’s pet in class.
  1. Cut class
  • Meaning: Skip class without permission.
  • Example: Tom decided to cut class today.
  1. Show of hands
  • Meaning: Raise hands to express opinions.
  • Example: A show of hands determined the leader.
  1. Make the grade
  • Meaning: Meet the required standard.
  • Example: John didn’t make the grade for varsity.
  1. Learn the ropes
  • Meaning: Learn how things are done.
  • Example: He learned the ropes quickly at school.
  1. Draw a blank
  • Meaning: Fail to remember something.
  • Example: I drew a blank during the quiz.
  1. Hit it off
  • Meaning: Become friends quickly.
  • Example: Sara and Linda hit it off immediately.
  1. School of thought
  • Meaning: A particular philosophy or viewpoint.
  • Example: There’s a different school of thought on this.
  1. Brainstorm ideas
  • Meaning: Think of many ideas quickly.
  • Example: We brainstormed ideas for the science project.
  1. Pass out
  • Meaning: Distribute to many people.
  • Example: The teacher passed out worksheets.
  1. Mark down
  • Meaning: Deduct marks for errors.
  • Example: The teacher marked her down for spelling errors.
  1. Pull up one’s socks
  • Meaning: Improve performance or behavior.
  • Example: You need to pull up your socks.
  1. Show and tell
  • Meaning: Demonstrate something for the class.
  • Example: Today’s show and tell was about hobbies.
  1. Take attendance
  • Meaning: Check which students are present.
  • Example: The teacher takes attendance every morning.
  1. Write up
  • Meaning: Create a complete report or document.
  • Example: We had to write up our experiments.
  1. Spell out
  • Meaning: Explain clearly and in detail.
  • Example: The instructions were spelled out for us.

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