Explore 20 Homework Expressions in English

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These expressions are used to talk about doing or avoiding homework and assignments. Here are 20 useful idioms and phrasal verbs for tackling your homework.

Homework Expressions

  1. Hand in
  • Meaning: Submit completed homework.
  • Example: We must hand in the project tomorrow.
  1. Knock out
  • Meaning: Finish work quickly and efficiently.
  • Example: I need to knock out this essay.
  1. Fill in
  • Meaning: Provide required information.
  • Example: Make sure to fill in all answers.
  1. Stay on top of
  • Meaning: Keep up-to-date with tasks.
  • Example: He stayed on top of his homework.
  1. Knock off
  • Meaning: Finish or complete work.
  • Example: I knocked off my homework early.
  1. Cross out
  • Meaning: Delete incorrect information.
  • Example: Cross out any wrong answers.
  1. Put off
  • Meaning: Delay doing something.
  • Example: I put off my homework until today.
  1. Write up
  • Meaning: Create a full report or essay.
  • Example: I wrote up my lab report yesterday.
  1. Do over
  • Meaning: Repeat work to correct errors.
  • Example: I had to do over my math assignment.
  1. Run through
  • Meaning: Review something quickly.
  • Example: Let’s run through the key points again.
  1. Work out
  • Meaning: Find a solution through thinking.
  • Example: She worked out the math problems.
  1. Get behind
  • Meaning: Fall behind schedule.
  • Example: Don’t get behind on your assignments.
  1. Map out
  • Meaning: Plan and organize tasks or projects.
  • Example: We mapped out our project timeline.
  1. Tackle a problem
  • Meaning: Address and solve a problem.
  • Example: He tackled the math problems confidently.
  1. Figure out
  • Meaning: Solve or understand something.
  • Example: It took me time to figure out calculus.
  1. Bang out
  • Meaning: Finish something quickly.
  • Example: She banged out her homework in an hour.
  1. Throw together
  • Meaning: Create something quickly and carelessly.
  • Example: He threw together the essay last night.
  1. Settle down
  • Meaning: Concentrate and focus on work.
  • Example: I settled down to complete my homework.
  1. Copy out
  • Meaning: Write out something in full.
  • Example: He copied out the equations from the book.
  1. Take up
  • Meaning: Use time or space.
  • Example: The project took up my entire weekend.

homework expressions

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