Explore 20 Reading Expressions in English

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These expressions are used to describe different aspects of reading, such as intensity, speed, and involvement.

Reading Expressions

  1. Read up on
    • Meaning: Study or research a topic.
    • Example: She read up on gardening tips.
  2. Read between the lines
    • Meaning: Understand the hidden meaning.
    • Example: Try to read between the lines here.
  3. Read into
    • Meaning: Assign extra meaning to something.
    • Example: Don’t read into his comment too much.
  4. Flip through
    • Meaning: Browse quickly without deep reading.
    • Example: I flipped through the magazine pages.
  5. Pour over
    • Meaning: Read or study something carefully.
    • Example: He poured over the new contract.
  6. Thumb through
    • Meaning: Flip through pages quickly.
    • Example: I thumbed through my notes.
  7. Devour a book
    • Meaning: Read a book eagerly and quickly.
    • Example: She devoured a book in two hours.
  8. Lose oneself in a book
    • Meaning: Be deeply absorbed in reading.
    • Example: I lost myself in the story.
  9. Plow through
    • Meaning: Read something with difficulty.
    • Example: She plowed through the long article.
  10. Skim through
    • Meaning: Read something quickly for the main idea.
    • Example: I skimmed through the news headlines.
  11. Wade through
    • Meaning: Read through something laborious.
    • Example: He waded through the long document.
  12. Dip into
    • Meaning: Read small parts of something.
    • Example: I dipped into a novel before bed.
  13. Tear through
    • Meaning: Read something quickly and intensely.
    • Example: She tore through the mystery novel.
  14. Leaf through
    • Meaning: Turn pages casually and lightly.
    • Example: I leafed through the comic book.
  15. Curl up with a book
    • Meaning: Settle in a cozy spot to read.
    • Example: She curled up with a mystery novel.
  16. Browse through
    • Meaning: Look over items quickly.
    • Example: He browsed through the used books.
  17. Pick up a book
    • Meaning: Start reading a book.
    • Example: She picked up a new novel.
  18. Get into a book
    • Meaning: Become interested in reading a book.
    • Example: I really got into this mystery.
  19. Put down a book
    • Meaning: Stop reading temporarily or for good.
    • Example: I couldn’t put down this thriller.
  20. Look something up
    • Meaning: Search for specific information.
    • Example: I looked up the author online.

reading expressions

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