Explore 20 Writing Expressions in English

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These expressions are used to describe various writing activities, from brainstorming to editing.

Writing Expressions

  1. Write up
    • Meaning: Prepare a detailed report.
    • Example: She wrote up a project summary.
  2. Jot down
    • Meaning: Write quickly in brief.
    • Example: I jotted down my ideas.
  3. Pen down
    • Meaning: Write formally or officially.
    • Example: She penned down a heartfelt letter.
  4. Scribble down
    • Meaning: Write hastily and messily.
    • Example: He scribbled down his grocery list.
  5. Draft up
    • Meaning: Create a preliminary version.
    • Example: I drafted up the business plan.
  6. Knock out
    • Meaning: Write quickly and effectively.
    • Example: He knocked out the article overnight.
  7. Bang out
    • Meaning: Write something hurriedly and casually.
    • Example: She banged out a blog post.
  8. Dash off
    • Meaning: Write quickly without much thought.
    • Example: He dashed off a quick email.
  9. Put down in writing
    • Meaning: Record in written form.
    • Example: Please put down your request in writing.
  10. Hammer out
    • Meaning: Work out details through writing.
    • Example: We hammered out the contract terms.
  11. Draw up
    • Meaning: Prepare a formal document.
    • Example: They drew up a new policy.
  12. Flesh out
    • Meaning: Add details to make complete.
    • Example: She fleshed out the story’s plot.
  13. Edit out
    • Meaning: Remove parts during editing.
    • Example: I edited out unnecessary details.
  14. Tighten up
    • Meaning: Make writing concise and effective.
    • Example: I tightened up my draft article.
  15. Mark up
    • Meaning: Annotate with comments or corrections.
    • Example: The teacher marked up my essay.
  16. Wrap up
    • Meaning: Finish or complete something.
    • Example: She wrapped up her research paper.
  17. Work on
    • Meaning: Continue developing a piece of writing.
    • Example: He worked on his new novel.
  18. Put together
    • Meaning: Compile or arrange something.
    • Example: They put together a company newsletter.
  19. Write out
    • Meaning: Write in full rather than abbreviate.
    • Example: Please write out the names fully.
  20. Set down
    • Meaning: Record ideas in writing.
    • Example: He set down his travel experiences.

writing expressions

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