Explore 20 Technology Expressions in English

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These expressions are commonly used to describe various aspects of technology in our rapidly evolving digital age.

Technology Expressions

  1. Push the envelope
    Meaning: Go beyond the limits.
    Example: The startup is pushing the envelope of innovation.
  2. State of the art
    Meaning: Very advanced and modern.
    Example: Their new product is state of the art.
  3. Cutting edge
    Meaning: Most advanced and innovative.
    Example: This software provides cutting-edge data analysis.
  4. Bells and whistles
    Meaning: Extra features, often unnecessary.
    Example: The app has too many bells and whistles.
  5. Ahead of the curve
    Meaning: More advanced than others.
    Example: Their research keeps them ahead of the curve.
  6. Teething problems
    Meaning: Initial issues in new projects.
    Example: The new system faced teething problems.
  7. Plug and play
    Meaning: Instantly usable after installation.
    Example: The printer is truly plug and play.
  8. Garbage in, garbage out
    Meaning: Poor input produces poor output.
    Example: Incorrect data leads to errors—garbage in, garbage out.
  9. Kinks to iron out
    Meaning: Issues to resolve before perfection.
    Example: The program still has a few kinks to iron out.
  10. Run like clockwork
    Meaning: Function smoothly and perfectly.
    Example: The new software makes everything run like clockwork.
  11. Learning curve
    Meaning: The rate of progress in learning.
    Example: The new system has a steep learning curve.
  12. Burn the midnight oil
    Meaning: Work late into the night.
    Example: The developers burned the midnight oil to meet the deadline.
  13. Brain drain
    Meaning: Departure of skilled professionals.
    Example: The company is facing a significant brain drain.
  14. Beta test
    Meaning: Testing software before final release.
    Example: They beta-tested the app for bugs.
  15. Back to the drawing board
    Meaning: Start over after a failure.
    Example: After the setback, we went back to the drawing board.
  16. Hit the ground running
    Meaning: Start strong and immediately.
    Example: The new manager hit the ground running.
  17. Blow a fuse
    Meaning: Become very angry.
    Example: The IT manager blew a fuse after the system crashed.
  18. Grease the wheels
    Meaning: Facilitate or make easier.
    Example: New software was implemented to grease the wheels.
  19. Break new ground
    Meaning: Innovate or pioneer something new.
    Example: This research is breaking new ground in AI.
  20. Hit a snag
    Meaning: Encounter an unexpected problem.
    Example: The project hit a snag due to technical issues.

technology expressions

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