Examples of Assertive Sentences

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An assertive or declarative sentence is a type of sentence that makes a statement, provides a fact, offers an explanation, or conveys information. It is the most common type of sentence and can end in either a period or an exclamation mark, depending on the strength of the statement.

Assertive sentences can be either positive (affirmative) or negative. Assertive Sentences are also called Declarative Sentences. It is very important to learn how to make assertive sentences. Here are the 20 most common examples of Assertive Sentences:

  1. The sun rises in the east.
  2. I am going to the store.
  3. She sings beautifully.
  4. They won the game last night.
  5. Water boils at 100 degrees Celsius.
  6. The cat is sleeping on the couch.
  7. It’s raining outside.
  8. The Earth orbits the sun.
  9. He loves to read books.
  10. We have a meeting at 2 PM.
  11. The sky is clear today.
  12. The movie starts at 7:30 PM.
  13. This cake tastes delicious.
  14. The Eiffel Tower is in Paris.
  15. I have a pet dog.
  16. They are studying for the exam.
  17. The car needs an oil change.
  18. She speaks Spanish fluently.
  19. The company’s stock price increased.
  20. My favorite color is blue.

Examples of Assertive/Declarative Sentences:

  1. The Earth revolves around the Sun.
  2. She is studying to become a lawyer.
  3. Water boils at 100 degrees Celsius.
  4. The museum closes at 6 PM on Sundays.
  5. He doesn’t like to eat broccoli.
  6. They moved to Canada last year.
  7. I have a meeting scheduled for tomorrow.
  8. The book was lying on the table.
  9. She can speak three languages fluently.
  10. It rarely snows in this part of the country.
  11. The coffee shop opens early in the morning.
  12. He didn’t go to the gym today.
  13. They are planning a trip to Japan.
  14. The painting is beautiful.
  15. I have never been to Africa.
  16. The cat is sleeping on the couch.
  17. She prefers tea over coffee.
  18. The windows were left open last night.
  19. He writes with his left hand.
  20. The concert starts at 8 o’clock sharp.
  21. The garden looks beautiful in spring.
  22. They don’t believe in superstitions.
  23. The movie was incredibly entertaining.
  24. The test results will be out next week.
  25. She has a collection of rare books.
  26. I didn’t hear the phone ring.
  27. The restaurant was fully booked.
  28. He is afraid of heights.
  29. They celebrated their anniversary yesterday.
  30. The library is closed on Mondays.
  31. The Earth has five oceans.
  32. He passed his driving test on the first try.
  33. She doesn’t like spicy food.
  34. The company is launching a new product.
  35. I have to finish this by tomorrow.
  36. The painting is an original Van Gogh.
  37. They have a house by the beach.
  38. The store offers a discount on weekends.
  39. I haven’t seen that movie yet.
  40. The bridge was constructed in the 18th century.
  41. She sings in a choir.
  42. The museum features contemporary art.
  43. He doesn’t remember where he put his keys.
  44. The car needs to be serviced.
  45. They are expecting their first child.
  46. I usually wake up early.
  47. The cake was delicious.
  48. She studies every night for her exams.
  49. The conference takes place in November.
  50. He plays the guitar beautifully.
  51. The road was blocked due to construction.
  52. They go for a walk every evening.
  53. The book has 300 pages.
  54. She doesn’t like going to the dentist.
  55. The flowers bloom in the spring.
  56. The film festival attracts international stars.
  57. He lost his wallet in the park.
  58. The room was painted blue.
  59. They have been friends since childhood.
  60. I prefer homemade food.
  61. The project was completed ahead of schedule.
  62. She has a knack for learning languages.
  63. The planet Mars is known as the Red Planet.
  64. He solved the puzzle in ten minutes.
  65. The supermarket is just around the corner.
  66. They donated money to the charity.
  67. I enjoy reading historical novels.
  68. The lecture was postponed to next week.
  69. She has an allergy to peanuts.
  70. The train was delayed due to bad weather.
  71. They renovated their house last year.
  72. I jog every morning for fitness.
  73. The poem was written in the 19th century.
  74. She plays soccer every weekend.
  75. The agreement was signed by both parties.
  76. He prefers classical music.
  77. They visited the Grand Canyon during their trip.
  78. I received an email from my professor.
  79. The car park is full.
  80. She is known for her charitable work.
  81. The recipe requires three eggs.
  82. They watched the sunset from the hilltop.
  83. I forgot my password.
  84. The sculpture is made of marble.
  85. She practices yoga to relax.
  86. The building was evacuated as a precaution.
  87. They celebrated their victory last night.
  88. I need to recharge my phone.
  89. The novel is set in the 18th century.
  90. She passed her exams with flying colors.
  91. The river flows through the city.
  92. They adopted a puppy from the shelter.
  93. I usually drink coffee in the morning.
  94. The play received positive reviews.
  95. She was awarded a scholarship for her research.
  96. The island is famous for its beautiful beaches.
  97. They went on a safari in Africa.
  98. I have an appointment next Tuesday.
  99. The garden is a haven for wildlife.
  100. She completed the marathon in under four hours.


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