20 Examples of Binomials in English

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Binomials are pairs of words often linked by conjunctions like “and” or “or,” used to express related concepts or opposites. This blog explores various binomials, offering concise definitions and example sentences to illustrate their use and help enhance your understanding and incorporation of these expressive elements into your language.

Examples of Binomials

1. Safe and Sound

Meaning: Completely safe and without injury.

Example Sentence: They arrived safe and sound at home.

2. Pros and Cons

Meaning: Advantages and disadvantages.

Example Sentence: Weigh all pros and cons before deciding.

3. Ups and Downs

Meaning: Highs and lows.

Example Sentence: Every relationship has its ups and downs.

4. Back and Forth

Meaning: Repeatedly moving from one place to another.

Example Sentence: The argument went back and forth endlessly.

5. Give and Take

Meaning: Mutual compromise.

Example Sentence: Successful relationships require some give and take.

6. Now and Then

Meaning: Occasionally, from time to time.

Example Sentence: She visits her hometown now and then.

7. Part and Parcel

Meaning: An essential part of something.

Example Sentence: Risk is part and parcel of investing.

8. Sick and Tired

Meaning: Fed up or annoyed.

Example Sentence: I am sick and tired of the delays.

9. Wear and Tear

Meaning: Damage from ordinary use.

Example Sentence: The couch shows some wear and tear.

10. Odds and Ends

Meaning: Miscellaneous items or remnants.

Example Sentence: I sorted through the odds and ends.

11. By and Large

Meaning: Generally speaking.

Example Sentence: By and large, the event was a success.

12. Bits and Pieces

Meaning: Small parts of something.

Example Sentence: I found bits and pieces of glass.

13. Wine and Dine

Meaning: To entertain with good food and drink.

Example Sentence: They were wined and dined at the banquet.

14. High and Dry

Meaning: Abandoned in a difficult situation.

Example Sentence: He left us high and dry without notice.

15. Song and Dance

Meaning: A fuss or exaggerated story.

Example Sentence: She made a song and dance of her trip.

16. Cut and Dried

Meaning: Predetermined, straightforward.

Example Sentence: The plan was cut and dried for us.

17. Down and Out

Meaning: Without money, luck, or opportunities.

Example Sentence: He felt down and out after losing his job.

18. Fair and Square

Meaning: Honest and straightforward.

Example Sentence: She won the game fair and square.

19. Hard and Fast

Meaning: Strict and unchangeable.

Example Sentence: There are no hard and fast rules here.

20. Hit and Miss

Meaning: Sometimes good, sometimes bad.

Example Sentence: His attempts were hit and miss.


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