20 Expressions with SAVE (Meaning & Example Sentences)

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In everyday English, the word “save” appears in many expressions. Each one carries a unique meaning and is used in different contexts. This post explores 20 common phrases with “save,” providing their meanings and example sentences to help you understand and use them effectively.

Expressions with SAVE

1. Save face

Meaning: Avoid embarrassment
Example: She lied to save face at work.

2. Save the day

Meaning: Resolve a critical issue
Example: The quick repair job saved the day.

3. Save for a rainy day

Meaning: Reserve resources for future need
Example: He saves money for a rainy day.

4. Save one’s breath

Meaning: Avoid wasting words on hopeless cause
Example: Save your breath; he won’t agree.

5. Save one’s skin

Meaning: Preserve one’s safety
Example: He lied to save his own skin.

6. Save the best for last

Meaning: Keep the best part until the end
Example: They saved the best wine for last.

7. Save someone’s bacon

Meaning: Rescue someone from trouble
Example: My friend saved my bacon yesterday.

8. Save the pennies

Meaning: Economize by saving small amounts
Example: She always saves the pennies carefully.

9. Save by the bell

Meaning: Rescued from a situation by interruption
Example: He was saved by the bell in class.

10. Save one’s seat

Meaning: Reserve a place or seat for someone
Example: Can you save my seat, please?

11. Save one’s strength

Meaning: Conserve energy for later use
Example: Save your strength for the race.

12. Save face

Meaning: Avoid embarrassment
Example: He apologized to save face.

13. Save someone a seat

Meaning: Reserve a seat for someone
Example: I’ll save you a seat at the concert.

14. Save something for later

Meaning: Keep something to be used later
Example: Save some cake for later.

15. Save oneself the trouble

Meaning: Avoid unnecessary effort
Example: I’ll go, save yourself the trouble.

16. Save someone the trouble

Meaning: Do something so others don’t have to
Example: I fixed it to save you the trouble.

17. Save up for something

Meaning: Accumulate money for a specific purpose
Example: She’s saving up for a new car.

18. Save one’s voice

Meaning: Avoid talking to protect one’s voice
Example: Save your voice for the speech.

19. Save someone a spot

Meaning: Keep a place available for someone
Example: Please save me a spot in line.

20. Save on expenses

Meaning: Reduce costs
Example: They save on expenses by cooking at home.

Expressions with SAVE

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