30 Examples of Inversion in English Sentences

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Inversion in English occurs when the usual order of words is reversed, typically for emphasis, formality, or to maintain a certain structure in questions and conditional sentences. This often involves placing the verb before the subject.

Examples of Inversion

  1. Rarely have I seen such a beautiful sunset.
  2. Never will I forget this moment.
  3. Seldom does he go to bed before midnight.
  4. Hardly had they arrived when it started to rain.
  5. Not only did she win the race, but she also set a new record.
  6. Little did he know what was about to happen.
  7. Only after the meeting did we realize the importance of the discussion.
  8. Under no circumstances should you open this door.
  9. No sooner had she finished her speech than the audience applauded.
  10. So beautiful was the landscape that I couldn’t stop taking pictures.
  11. Had I known, I would have brought an umbrella.
  12. Were we to agree, it would change everything.
  13. On no account should you be late for the interview.
  14. Barely had the movie started when the power went out.
  15. In no way can we condone such behavior.
  16. Scarcely had I closed the door when the phone rang.
  17. Nowhere have I found a better deal.
  18. In no other place will you find such diversity.
  19. Rarely do we get a chance to see such talent.
  20. Not until the end of the book do you understand the plot.
  21. So delicious was the cake that everyone asked for seconds.
  22. Should you need assistance, please call the front desk.
  23. No sooner did they finish the project than they started a new one.
  24. Never before have I been so surprised.
  25. Only by working together can we achieve our goals.
  26. Such was his enthusiasm that he volunteered for every task.
  27. Under no circumstances will we tolerate cheating.
  28. Little do they know about the upcoming changes.
  29. Only then did she understand the true meaning of the story.
  30. So quickly did he solve the problem that everyone was amazed.

Inversion in English

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