20 Expressions to Use for Giving Examples

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When writing or speaking, using the right expressions to give examples can clarify your point and make your communication more effective. Here are 20 useful expressions for giving examples, each with a brief meaning and a sample sentence.

1. For instance

Meaning: For example.
Example: For instance, she loves reading books.

2. Such as

Meaning: Like; for example.
Example: He enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking.

3. To illustrate

Meaning: To show an example.
Example: To illustrate, consider the case of John.

4. In particular

Meaning: Specifically; especially.
Example: In particular, cats are popular pets.

5. Namely

Meaning: Specifically; to be specific.
Example: Three people were present, namely Tom, Joe.

6. Including

Meaning: Containing as part.
Example: She likes fruits, including apples and bananas.

7. Like

Meaning: Similar to; for example.
Example: She can play instruments like the piano.

8. As an example

Meaning: For instance.
Example: As an example, consider this scenario.

9. For example

Meaning: Such as; like.
Example: For example, he often visits Paris.

10. Especially

Meaning: Particularly; notably.
Example: He loves food, especially pizza and pasta.

11. Among others

Meaning: Including others.
Example: He plays sports, among others, tennis.

12. Particularly

Meaning: Specifically; especially.
Example: She enjoys painting, particularly watercolors.

13. In other words

Meaning: To put it differently.
Example: In other words, she is very talented.

14. Case in point

Meaning: An example to illustrate.
Example: Case in point, his latest project succeeded.

15. Take the case of

Meaning: Consider the example of.
Example: Take the case of Jane’s success story.

16. Such is the case with

Meaning: Similar to this example.
Example: Such is the case with most students.

17. To give an example

Meaning: For instance.
Example: To give an example, think of a tree.

18. One example is

Meaning: Here’s an instance.
Example: One example is her dedication to work.

19. An instance of this

Meaning: A case of this.
Example: An instance of this is her kindness.

20. Consider

Meaning: Think about; look at.
Example: Consider the benefits of regular exercise.

Expressions to Use for Giving Examples

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