Learn 20 Interesting Excitement Expressions

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These expressions are used to convey excitement and enthusiasm in various situations. They’re perfect for when you want to share your joy with others!

Excitement Expressions

  1. Jump for joy
    Meaning: Extremely happy and excited
    Example: She jumped for joy at the news.
  2. On cloud nine
    Meaning: In a very happy state
    Example: He’s been on cloud nine all week.
  3. Walking on air
    Meaning: Feeling very happy and elated
    Example: After the promotion, she’s walking on air.
  4. Tickled pink
    Meaning: Extremely pleased and delighted
    Example: He was tickled pink by the gift.
  5. Grinning from ear to ear
    Meaning: Smiling broadly out of happiness
    Example: She was grinning from ear to ear.
  6. Over the moon
    Meaning: Extremely pleased and thrilled
    Example: They were over the moon about their wedding.
  7. Get a kick out of
    Meaning: Find something really enjoyable
    Example: I get a kick out of hiking.
  8. Pumped up
    Meaning: Very excited and eager
    Example: The team was pumped up for the game.
  9. Thrilled to bits
    Meaning: Extremely pleased or excited
    Example: He was thrilled to bits with the gift.
  10. Jump out of one’s skin
    Meaning: React with great excitement or fear
    Example: She jumped out of her skin when surprised.
  11. Blown away
    Meaning: Deeply impressed or excited
    Example: I was blown away by the performance.
  12. Jazzed up
    Meaning: Highly excited or thrilled
    Example: He’s all jazzed up for the concert.
  13. In high spirits
    Meaning: Very cheerful and positive
    Example: Despite the rain, they’re in high spirits.
  14. Giddy with excitement
    Meaning: Feeling very happy and excited
    Example: She was giddy with excitement before her trip.
  15. Can’t contain oneself
    Meaning: Unable to control excitement
    Example: He couldn’t contain himself at the surprise.
  16. Have a ball
    Meaning: Enjoy oneself greatly
    Example: They had a ball at the party.
  17. Burst with excitement
    Meaning: Feel overwhelming excitement
    Example: The kids burst with excitement on Christmas Eve.
  18. Bubbling over
    Meaning: Overflowing with enthusiasm
    Example: She was bubbling over with good news.
  19. Crack up
    Meaning: Laugh uncontrollably
    Example: His jokes always make me crack up.
  20. In stitches
    Meaning: Laughing uncontrollably
    Example: We were in stitches watching the comedy.

excitement expressions

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