Learn 20 Interesting Sadness Expressions

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These expressions are used to convey sadness and sorrow. They’re helpful when you’re feeling down or want to express empathy.

Sadness Expressions

  1. Down in the dumps
    Meaning: Feeling unhappy or depressed
    Example: He’s been down in the dumps lately.
  2. Feel blue
    Meaning: Feel sad and depressed
    Example: She felt blue after her breakup.
  3. In low spirits
    Meaning: Feeling sad or discouraged
    Example: They’ve been in low spirits since the loss.
  4. Cry one’s eyes out
    Meaning: Cry heavily and for a long time
    Example: She cried her eyes out during the movie.
  5. Shed a tear
    Meaning: Cry a little bit
    Example: He shed a tear at the sad scene.
  6. Broken-hearted
    Meaning: Deeply sad and distressed
    Example: She was broken-hearted after the separation.
  7. Down and out
    Meaning: In a bad situation; sad
    Example: He’s down and out after losing his job.
  8. Heart sinks
    Meaning: Feel sudden disappointment
    Example: His heart sank at the bad news.
  9. Feel heavy-hearted
    Meaning: Feel sad and troubled
    Example: She felt heavy-hearted leaving her hometown.
  10. Hang one’s head
    Meaning: Feel ashamed or unhappy
    Example: He hung his head after the mistake.
  11. Tear one’s hair out
    Meaning: Feel extreme anxiety or frustration
    Example: I’ve been tearing my hair out over this.
  12. Lump in one’s throat
    Meaning: Feeling of sadness or emotion
    Example: He had a lump in his throat at graduation.
  13. In the doldrums
    Meaning: In a low, unhappy mood
    Example: She was in the doldrums after the loss.
  14. Bawl one’s eyes out
    Meaning: Cry loudly and excessively
    Example: She bawled her eyes out after the breakup.
  15. In a funk
    Meaning: In a depressed or unhappy mood
    Example: He’s been in a funk since failing the exam.
  16. Tear-jerker
    Meaning: Something that makes people cry
    Example: That movie was a real tear-jerker.
  17. Bummed out
    Meaning: Feeling sad or disappointed
    Example: She was bummed out when plans changed.
  18. Hit rock bottom
    Meaning: Reach the lowest point emotionally
    Example: After losing his job, he hit rock bottom.
  19. Heavy heart
    Meaning: Feeling sadness and sorrow
    Example: She left with a heavy heart.
  20. Cry over spilled milk
    Meaning: Complain about a past loss
    Example: Don’t cry over spilled milk, it’s done.

sadness expressions

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