20 Excuses For Deleting A Snap

Do you ever find yourself struggling to explain why you deleted a Snapchat? Don’t worry! In this blog post, we’ll explore 20 common excuses for deleting a snap. Whether you’re learning English or just curious, get ready to expand your vocabulary in a fun and easy way!

Excuses For Deleting A Snap

  1. “Accidentally sent it to the wrong person.”
  2. “It didn’t turn out as I intended.”
  3. “I felt it was too personal upon reflection.”
  4. “It was meant to be a draft, not a final send.”
  5. “I decided it wasn’t appropriate.”
  6. “I was concerned about privacy.”
  7. “It revealed too much information.”
  8. “I changed my mind about sharing it.”
  9. “It was part of a digital clean-up.”
  10. “I posted it before I was ready.”
  11. “It was meant for someone else.”
  12. “I didn’t like how I looked in it.”
  13. “It didn’t fit my usual content.”
  14. “I was worried about misinterpretation.”
  15. “It contained a typo/mistake.”
  16. “I realized it might offend someone.”
  17. “It was outdated by the time I posted it.”
  18. “I wanted to respect someone’s privacy.”
  19. “I shared more than I was comfortable with.”
  20. “I had second thoughts about its relevance.”

Excuses For Deleting A Snap

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