20 Excuses For Disappearing

When someone notices you’ve been unexpectedly absent or “disappeared” from social engagements or communication, you might need to explain your absence. Here are 20 short and to-the-point excuses for such situations:

  1. “I needed some alone time.”
  2. “My phone was lost/broken.”
  3. “I was feeling overwhelmed.”
  4. “Family matters needed my attention.”
  5. “I was unwell and resting.”
  6. “Work has been extremely busy.”
  7. “I had no internet access.”
  8. “I was traveling in a remote area.”
  9. “I needed a break from social media.”
  10. “I was focusing on a personal project.”
  11. “I was dealing with personal issues.”
  12. “I took a spontaneous trip.”
  13. “My schedule was unexpectedly hectic.”
  14. “I was catching up on much-needed sleep.”
  15. “I was dedicating time to self-improvement.”
  16. “I had a digital detox period.”
  17. “I was volunteering and had limited access to my phone.”
  18. “I was engrossed in studying/reading.”
  19. “I was dealing with mental health challenges.”
  20. “I had a family emergency to attend to.”

20 Excuses for Disappearing

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