20 Best Excuses For Forgetting Homework

Hey there, English learners! Do you ever forget your homework? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Today, we’re diving into the top 20 excuses for forgetting homework. Whether you’re new to English or just looking for some fun ideas, stick around for some helpful tips and tricks!

Excuses For Forgetting Homework

  1. “I left my notebook at school and couldn’t complete the assignment.”
  2. “I wrote down the wrong due date.”
  3. “My computer crashed, and I lost all my work.”
  4. “I had it completed, but I accidentally left it at home.”
  5. “I was sick last night and couldn’t finish it.”
  6. “I thought I had another day to complete it.”
  7. “There was a family emergency I had to attend to.”
  8. “I misplaced my textbook and couldn’t do the assignment.”
  9. “I was helping out with a family matter and ran out of time.”
  10. “I had it in my bag, but I can’t seem to find it now.”
  11. “I did the wrong assignment by mistake.”
  12. “I had Internet issues and couldn’t access the online resources.”
  13. “I was waiting for a group member’s part, but they didn’t send it.”
  14. “I had a lot of chores to do at home and didn’t manage my time well.”
  15. “I got the pages mixed up and did the homework for the wrong day.”
  16. “My printer ran out of ink/paper, and I couldn’t print it out.”
  17. “I had a sports event/practice and got back home too late.”
  18. “I was feeling really overwhelmed and needed a break.”
  19. “I accidentally spilled something on it, and it’s unreadable now.”
  20. “I was so sure I packed it, but it seems I forgot.”

20 Best Excuses For Forgetting Homework

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