20 Excuses For Going Out With Friends

Looking for a fun read? Imagine this: 20 Excuses For Going Out With Friends! Hey there, ESL learners! Ever found yourself needing a reason to hang out with pals? We’ve got you covered! In this blog, we’ll explore creative excuses perfect for those memorable friend-filled adventures.

Excuses For Going Out With Friends

  1. “We’re celebrating a friend’s job promotion.”
  2. “It’s been a long time since we all caught up.”
  3. “We’re planning a surprise party for someone.”
  4. “I need some advice on something personal.”
  5. “It’s a friend’s farewell gathering before they move.”
  6. “We’re working on a group project together.”
  7. “I promised to help a friend with something.”
  8. “It’s a special occasion, like a birthday or anniversary.”
  9. “We’re going to a networking event related to my job.”
  10. “I’m feeling stressed and need some time to unwind.”
  11. “We’re going to an event that’s important to my friend.”
  12. “I need a break from work/school pressures.”
  13. “We’re attending a workshop or class together.”
  14. “It’s a regular meet-up we’ve had planned for a while.”
  15. “We’re trying out a new hobby/activity together.”
  16. “I’ve been invited to a friend’s performance/show.”
  17. “We’re going to support a local charity event.”
  18. “It’s a cultural or festival celebration we’re attending.”
  19. “We’re going to discuss future travel/vacation plans.”
  20. “I’m helping a friend pick out something important (like a wedding dress or a new car).”

20 Excuses For Going Out With Friends

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