20 Best Excuses For Hickeys

Welcome, ESL learners! Have you ever found yourself in a sticky situation with a hickey? Don’t fret! In this blog post, we’ll explore the 20 best excuses for hickeys. From humorous to practical, these excuses will help you navigate those awkward moments with ease.

Excuses For Hickeys

  1. “I accidentally pinched myself with my hair straightener/curling iron.”
  2. “I had a minor allergic reaction to something I touched.”
  3. “It’s actually a bruise from bumping into something.”
  4. “I was playing a sport and got hit by the ball.”
  5. “I tried out cupping therapy, and that’s the mark it left.”
  6. “I fell asleep with my phone on my neck.”
  7. “My sibling and I were goofing around, and this happened.”
  8. “I tripped and scraped myself on something.”
  9. “It’s a rash from a new skincare product I tried.”
  10. “I was carrying something heavy that pressed into my skin.”
  11. “I got a bug bite that swelled up.”
  12. “I was practicing makeup and couldn’t wipe it off completely.”
  13. “It’s a birthmark that sometimes becomes more visible.”
  14. “I had a bit of a mishap while trying to do a DIY neck massage.”
  15. “I leaned too long against a patterned surface, and it left a mark.”
  16. “I was vacuuming and accidentally suctioned my neck.”
  17. “I got a little too close to a pet, and they nipped me.”
  18. “I was trying out a new piece of exercise equipment and didn’t use it correctly.”
  19. “I was doing some gardening and brushed against a plant awkwardly.”
  20. “I was rehearsing for a play, and things got a bit too physical.”

20 Best Excuses For Hickeys

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