Learn 20 Interesting Exercise Expressions

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These expressions are used to talk about exercise routines, workouts, and keeping physically active.

Exercise Expressions

  1. Warm up
    Meaning: Prepare the body with light exercise
    Example: It’s important to warm up before jogging.
  2. Cool down
    Meaning: Light exercise to relax after a workout
    Example: He cooled down with gentle stretches.
  3. Break a sweat
    Meaning: Start sweating from physical exercise
    Example: She broke a sweat during her dance class.
  4. Stay active
    Meaning: Keep physically active or fit
    Example: To stay active, he cycles daily.
  5. Push oneself
    Meaning: Make a strong effort
    Example: She pushed herself to finish the marathon.
  6. Get winded
    Meaning: Become out of breath
    Example: He got winded climbing up the hill.
  7. Catch one’s breath
    Meaning: Regain normal breathing after exercise
    Example: After sprinting, she needed a minute to catch her breath.
  8. Take a breather
    Meaning: Pause to rest and recover
    Example: He took a breather between workout sets.
  9. Hit the track
    Meaning: Go to the track to run
    Example: He hits the track every weekend.
  10. Jump rope
    Meaning: Skip rope for exercise
    Example: Kids often jump rope for fun.
  11. Get one’s heart pumping
    Meaning: Do exercises that raise the heart rate
    Example: A good workout gets your heart pumping.
  12. Stay on track
    Meaning: Keep up with a fitness routine
    Example: Despite setbacks, he stayed on track with exercise.
  13. Break one’s personal best
    Meaning: Surpass one’s previous exercise achievement
    Example: She broke her personal best for bench pressing.
  14. Stretch out
    Meaning: Extend one’s muscles to relax
    Example: After the run, he stretched out on the mat.
  15. Take it easy
    Meaning: Exercise gently without pushing too hard
    Example: She took it easy with light walking.
  16. Get in the zone
    Meaning: Focus intensely on a workout
    Example: He got in the zone and completed his sets.
  17. Go hard or go home
    Meaning: Give maximum effort or don’t do it
    Example: For weightlifting, it’s go hard or go home.
  18. Work off
    Meaning: Burn off calories through exercise
    Example: She worked off the cake by running.
  19. Start from scratch
    Meaning: Begin a new exercise routine
    Example: After an injury, she started from scratch.
  20. Kick into high gear
    Meaning: Increase effort or intensity
    Example: He kicked into high gear during training.

exercise expressions

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