20 English Expression With “OUT”

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Learning English expressions with the word “out” can significantly enhance your fluency and understanding of the language. Here are 20 essential idioms and phrasal verbs featuring “out,” complete with short meanings and example sentences.

Expression With OUT

1. Break Out

Meaning: Escape suddenly.

Example: The prisoners broke out of jail.

2. Figure Out

Meaning: Understand something.

Example: I finally figured out the solution.

3. Run Out

Meaning: Deplete supply.

Example: We ran out of milk yesterday.

4. Turn Out

Meaning: Result in.

Example: The event turned out to be fun.

5. Back Out

Meaning: Withdraw from.

Example: He backed out of the agreement.

6. Call Out

Meaning: Shout loudly.

Example: She called out for help.

7. Come Out

Meaning: Appear, be released.

Example: The movie comes out next week.

8. Drop Out

Meaning: Quit a course.

Example: He dropped out of college.

9. Find Out

Meaning: Discover information.

Example: I found out about the surprise party.

10. Get Out

Meaning: Leave, escape.

Example: She got out of the car quickly.

11. Hang Out

Meaning: Spend time with.

Example: They often hang out at the park.

12. Help Out

Meaning: Assist someone.

Example: She helped out at the shelter.

13. Look Out

Meaning: Be careful.

Example: Look out for the traffic!

14. Point Out

Meaning: Indicate something.

Example: He pointed out the mistake.

15. Put Out

Meaning: Extinguish something.

Example: The fireman put out the fire.

16. Run Out Of

Meaning: Exhaust supply.

Example: We ran out of paper.

17. Set Out

Meaning: Begin a journey.

Example: They set out early in the morning.

18. Stand Out

Meaning: Be noticeable.

Example: Her dress stood out at the party.

19. Work Out

Meaning: Exercise, solve.

Example: She works out at the gym daily.

20. Wipe Out

Meaning: Erase completely.

Example: The storm wiped out the crops.

Expression With OUT

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