20 Ways To Say “In Conclusion”

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Wrapping up your thoughts in a clear and impactful way is crucial in any form of communication, whether it be in writing, presentations, or everyday conversations. “In conclusion” is a commonly used phrase to signify the end of a discussion and summarize the key points. However, using the same phrase repeatedly can become monotonous. Here are 20 alternative expressions to “in conclusion” that can help you conclude your arguments more effectively and engagingly.

Ways To Say In Conclusion

1. To sum up

Meaning: To summarize the main points.

Example: To sum up, the strategy needs to be revised.

2. In summary

Meaning: Similar to summarizing.

Example: In summary, our findings support the hypothesis.

3. To conclude

Meaning: To end a discussion.

Example: To conclude, we must take immediate action.

4. Ultimately

Meaning: Finally, considering all aspects.

Example: Ultimately, the decision rests with the board.

5. Lastly

Meaning: The final point.

Example: Lastly, I’d like to thank everyone for their efforts.

6. Finally

Meaning: Used to introduce the last point.

Example: Finally, let’s discuss the timeline.

7. As a final point

Meaning: Introducing the last argument or point.

Example: As a final point, consider the budget implications.

8. All things considered

Meaning: Taking everything into account.

Example: All things considered, it’s a viable plan.

9. In closing

Meaning: Beginning the conclusion.

Example: In closing, I urge you to reflect on these issues.

10. Ultimately

Meaning: Finally, after all has been said.

Example: Ultimately, our goals are aligned.

11. In the final analysis

Meaning: After considering everything.

Example: In the final analysis, the risks outweigh the benefits.

12. Above all

Meaning: Most importantly.

Example: Above all, we value integrity.

13. To wrap up

Meaning: To conclude proceedings or discussions.

Example: To wrap up, let’s recap the main points.

14. In essence

Meaning: Capturing the core or most important aspect.

Example: In essence, the project is well-conceived.

15. Therefore

Meaning: As a logical result.

Example: Therefore, we must adjust our approach.

16. Thus

Meaning: As a conclusion from facts.

Example: Thus, the hypothesis is confirmed.

17. All in all

Meaning: Considering everything.

Example: All in all, it’s been a successful endeavor.

18. By and large

Meaning: For the most part.

Example: By and large, the feedback has been positive.

19. In a nutshell

Meaning: Summarizing briefly.

Example: In a nutshell, the plan is executable.

20. On the whole

Meaning: Considering everything.

Example: On the whole, our performance was commendable.

Ways To Say In Conclusion

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