Learn 20 Expressions About Aim

Aiming for success, whether in personal endeavors or professional achievements, is a common goal for many. The language we use often reflects our ambitions and targets. This blog post delves into 20 expressions related to ‘aim,’ each illustrating different aspects of setting and reaching objectives. These phrases will help you express your goals more vividly and understand how others communicate their aspirations.

Expressions About Aim

1. Take aim

Meaning: Focus on a goal.

Example: She took aim at the top sales position.

2. Aim high

Meaning: Set ambitious goals.

Example: Always aim high in your career.

3. Aim low

Meaning: Set easily achievable goals.

Example: He aimed low to avoid disappointment.

4. Off target

Meaning: Missing the intended goal.

Example: His efforts were off target.

5. On target

Meaning: On course to achieve a goal.

Example: The project is on target for completion.

6. Wide of the mark

Meaning: Far from achieving the goal.

Example: His guess was wide of the mark.

7. Hit the mark

Meaning: Achieve a goal accurately.

Example: Her presentation hit the mark.

8. Miss the mark

Meaning: Fail to achieve the intended goal.

Example: The campaign missed the mark.

9. Aim for the stars

Meaning: Aspire to achieve great success.

Example: He always aims for the stars.

10. Zero in on

Meaning: Focus closely on a goal.

Example: She zeroed in on her target market.

11. Line up the sights

Meaning: Prepare to achieve a goal.

Example: He lined up the sights on his new business.

12. Set your sights

Meaning: Decide on a goal.

Example: She set her sights on law school.

13. Fall short

Meaning: Fail to reach a target.

Example: The funds raised fell short of their goal.

14. Within reach

Meaning: Achievable, attainable.

Example: His dream job is now within reach.

15. Out of reach

Meaning: Not achievable.

Example: The quota was out of reach.

16. Aimlessly

Meaning: Without purpose or direction.

Example: He wandered aimlessly after college.

17. Draw a bead on

Meaning: Focus attention on aiming at a target.

Example: She drew a bead on the competition.

18. Bullseye

Meaning: Perfectly achieve the goal.

Example: His proposal was a bullseye.

19. Sharpshooter

Meaning: Someone who achieves their goals with precision.

Example: He’s a sharpshooter in negotiations.

20. Aim to please

Meaning: Try hard to satisfy others.

Example: She always aims to please her clients.

Expressions About Aim

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