20 Vocabulary Words Related to Purpose

Understanding our purpose and being able to articulate it clearly can profoundly impact our decisions and direction in life. Whether you’re discussing life goals, business missions, or personal motivations, having a robust vocabulary to express these concepts is invaluable. This post explores 20 vocabulary words related to purpose, providing concise meanings and examples to help you communicate your intentions more effectively.

Vocabulary Words Related to Purpose

1. Objective

Meaning: A specific result that a person aims to achieve.

Example: His objective was to finish the project by Friday.

2. Aim

Meaning: A goal or intention.

Example: Her aim is to become a doctor.

3. Intention

Meaning: A plan or purpose.

Example: His intention is to start a business.

4. Goal

Meaning: An end toward which effort is directed.

Example: Her goal is to run a marathon.

5. Ambition

Meaning: A strong desire to achieve something.

Example: His ambition is to climb Mount Everest.

6. Aspiration

Meaning: A hope or ambition of achieving something.

Example: Her aspirations include writing a novel.

7. Mission

Meaning: A specific task or duty.

Example: The team’s mission was to improve customer satisfaction.

8. Purpose

Meaning: The reason for which something is done.

Example: The purpose of the meeting is to discuss the new project.

9. Target

Meaning: A specific aim or goal.

Example: They set a target of 10% sales growth.

10. Motive

Meaning: A reason for doing something.

Example: His motive was to help the community.

11. Resolution

Meaning: A firm decision to do something.

Example: Her New Year’s resolution is to quit smoking.

12. Vision

Meaning: The ability to think about or plan the future with imagination.

Example: The company’s vision is to lead the industry in innovation.

13. Agenda

Meaning: A list of items to be discussed at a meeting.

Example: The main agenda is to discuss the merger.

14. Desire

Meaning: A strong feeling of wanting to have something.

Example: He had a strong desire to succeed.

15. Quest

Meaning: A long or arduous search for something.

Example: Her quest for knowledge is impressive.

16. Drive

Meaning: An innate, biologically determined urge to attain a goal.

Example: His drive for excellence sets him apart.

17. Commitment

Meaning: The state or quality of being dedicated to a cause.

Example: She showed her commitment by working late hours.

18. Calling

Meaning: A strong urge toward a particular way of life or career.

Example: He felt a calling to be a teacher.

19. Dedication

Meaning: The quality of being committed to a task or purpose.

Example: Her dedication to the project was unmatched.

20. Endeavor

Meaning: Try hard to achieve something.

Example: They endeavored to finish the project on time.

Vocabulary Words Related to Purpose

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