Learn 20 Expressions About Habits

Habits shape our daily lives and influence our productivity and well-being. Whether good or bad, habits are ingrained patterns of behavior that we often talk about in casual and professional conversations. This blog post delves into 20 common expressions related to habits, providing concise definitions and examples to help you understand and use them effectively. These expressions are handy for discussing personal development, giving advice, or simply making observations about everyday life.

Expressions About Habits

1. Creature of habit

Meaning: Someone who likes routine.

Example: He’s a creature of habit, always jogging at dawn.

2. Kick the habit

Meaning: To stop a bad habit.

Example: She kicked the habit of biting her nails.

3. Old habits die hard

Meaning: It’s hard to change long-standing habits.

Example: He still gets up early, old habits die hard.

4. Make it a habit

Meaning: To start regularly doing something.

Example: Make it a habit to read before bed.

5. Break the habit

Meaning: To stop doing something habitual.

Example: He broke the habit of checking emails at dinner.

6. Out of habit

Meaning: Done automatically without thinking.

Example: She calls home out of habit every evening.

7. Habit-forming

Meaning: Likely to lead to addiction.

Example: Be careful, those painkillers are habit-forming.

8. Get into the habit

Meaning: To develop a new habit.

Example: He got into the habit of walking after meals.

9. By force of habit

Meaning: Acting from a habit, not necessity.

Example: She locks the door by force of habit, even when home.

10. A habit of a lifetime

Meaning: A habit developed over many years.

Example: His punctuality is a habit of a lifetime.

11. In the habit of

Meaning: Usually doing something.

Example: She’s in the habit of running every morning.

12. Fall into the habit

Meaning: To start a habit, often without intending to.

Example: He fell into the habit of snacking late at night.

13. Change one’s habits

Meaning: To alter one’s routine behaviors.

Example: He changed his habits and feels healthier now.

14. Give up the habit

Meaning: To quit a habitual action.

Example: He gave up the habit of smoking last year.

15. Have a habit of

Meaning: To tend to do something regularly.

Example: She has a habit of forgetting her keys.

16. A hard habit to break

Meaning: A habit that is difficult to quit.

Example: Nail-biting is a hard habit to break.

17. Set in her ways

Meaning: Fixed in one’s habits.

Example: My grandma is set in her ways about morning tea.

18. Bad habits catch up with you

Meaning: Negative consequences of bad habits will appear eventually.

Example: If you keep skipping breakfast, bad habits catch up with you.

19. Nip it in the bud

Meaning: Stop a habit early on.

Example: He nipped his junk food cravings in the bud.

20. Die-hard habit

Meaning: A very strong and ingrained habit.

Example: His daily 5 AM run is a die-hard habit.

Expressions About Habits

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