20 Idioms Using the Word “Blue”

The color blue isn’t just a visual treat; it permeates our language through various idioms, each adding color to our expressions and conversations. This post explores 20 popular idioms that use the word “blue,” offering you a peek into their meanings and uses. These idioms enrich our language, often describing emotions, unexpected events, or rare occurrences, all with a touch of blue.

Idioms Using the Word Blue

1. Out of the blue

Meaning: Something happening unexpectedly.

Example: He called me out of the blue after years.

2. Once in a blue moon

Meaning: An event that happens very rarely.

Example: I only see him once in a blue moon.

3. Blue blood

Meaning: Someone of noble or royal birth.

Example: She is considered blue blood in society.

4. True blue

Meaning: Extremely loyal.

Example: He’s a true blue supporter of the team.

5. Blue-collar

Meaning: Related to manual work or workers.

Example: He works a blue-collar job.

6. Feeling blue

Meaning: Feeling sad or depressed.

Example: She’s been feeling blue lately.

7. Blue ribbon

Meaning: First place; top prize.

Example: He won the blue ribbon in the contest.

8. Blue in the face

Meaning: Exhausted from effort, often futile.

Example: You can argue till you’re blue in the face.

9. Blue skies

Meaning: A situation where future prospects are positive.

Example: It’s all blue skies from here.

10. Into the blue

Meaning: Entering into the unknown.

Example: He set off into the blue with just a backpack.

11. Baby blues

Meaning: Blue eyes, often used endearingly.

Example: Her daughter has her baby blues.

12. Bolt from the blue

Meaning: A sudden and unexpected event.

Example: The news was a bolt from the blue.

13. Blue law

Meaning: Laws restricting certain activities, usually on Sundays.

Example: The state’s blue laws limit shopping hours.

14. Blue note

Meaning: A minor interval used in jazz and blues.

Example: He hit a blue note that stirred the audience.

15. Blue wall of silence

Meaning: The informal code among police officers not to report a colleague’s errors or misconduct.

Example: The case was complicated by the blue wall of silence.

16. Blue pencil

Meaning: To censor or edit text.

Example: The editor will blue pencil the manuscript heavily.

17. Blue plate special

Meaning: A daily meal at a reduced price.

Example: The diner is famous for its blue plate special.

18. Talk a blue streak

Meaning: To talk very rapidly and endlessly.

Example: She can talk a blue streak when excited.

19. Blue chip

Meaning: Denotes companies known for quality and reliability.

Example: He invests mainly in blue chip stocks.

20. Blue comedy

Meaning: Comedy that is risqué or uses off-color humor.

Example: The stand-up show featured blue comedy.

Idioms Using the Word Blue

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