20 Expressions About Memory in English

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Memory is a fascinating aspect of human cognition, and English is rich with idioms and phrasal verbs that describe different aspects of it. Here are 20 expressions about memory, each with a brief meaning and an example sentence to help you understand and use them.

Expressions About Memory

1. To jog someone’s memory

Meaning: To remind someone
Example: That photo jogged my memory of our trip.

2. To have a memory like a sieve

Meaning: To have a bad memory
Example: He has a memory like a sieve; he forgets everything.

3. To refresh someone’s memory

Meaning: To help someone remember
Example: She refreshed my memory about the meeting details.

4. To commit something to memory

Meaning: To memorize
Example: I committed all the facts to memory.

5. To lose one’s train of thought

Meaning: To forget what one was saying
Example: I lost my train of thought during the presentation.

6. To have a photographic memory

Meaning: To remember things in detail
Example: She has a photographic memory for faces.

7. To ring a bell

Meaning: To sound familiar
Example: That name rings a bell, but I can’t place it.

8. To bring back memories

Meaning: To cause memories to return
Example: That song brings back memories of my childhood.

9. To be etched in memory

Meaning: To be unforgettable
Example: That day is etched in my memory forever.

10. To have a memory lapse

Meaning: To forget temporarily
Example: I had a memory lapse and forgot his name.

11. To put something out of one’s mind

Meaning: To try to forget something
Example: I put the bad experience out of my mind.

12. To be stuck in one’s mind

Meaning: To be unable to forget
Example: That tune is stuck in my mind.

13. To take a trip down memory lane

Meaning: To recall past experiences
Example: We took a trip down memory lane last night.

14. To slip one’s mind

Meaning: To be forgotten
Example: I was supposed to call her, but it slipped my mind.

15. To bear in mind

Meaning: To remember or consider
Example: Bear in mind that it’s a holiday tomorrow.

16. To keep something in mind

Meaning: To remember something
Example: Keep in mind that it might rain today.

17. To have a mind like a steel trap

Meaning: To have a sharp memory
Example: She has a mind like a steel trap.

18. To remember something like it was yesterday

Meaning: To recall something vividly
Example: I remember our first meeting like it was yesterday.

19. To blank out

Meaning: To forget suddenly
Example: I blanked out during the test.

20. To dredge up

Meaning: To recall with effort
Example: I dredged up old memories from high school.

Expressions About Memory

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