20 Expressions About REMEMBERING in English

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Remembering is a crucial part of communication in English. Whether recalling past events, facts, or experiences, various idioms and phrasal verbs can express these moments. Here are 20 expressions about remembering, complete with short meanings and example sentences.

1. Bring Back

Meaning: Recall memories
Example: This photo brings back fond memories.

2. Call to Mind

Meaning: Remember or recall
Example: His name calls to mind happy times.

3. Cast Your Mind Back

Meaning: Think about the past
Example: Cast your mind back to last summer.

4. Come Back to

Meaning: Return to memory
Example: It all comes back to me now.

5. Dwell On

Meaning: Think about something continuously
Example: She dwells on past mistakes.

6. Flash Back

Meaning: Sudden vivid memory
Example: The song flashed me back to school.

7. Go Over

Meaning: Review mentally
Example: Let’s go over what happened again.

8. Keep in Mind

Meaning: Remember
Example: Keep in mind what I told you.

9. Look Back On

Meaning: Reflect on past
Example: I look back on those days fondly.

10. Memorize

Meaning: Learn by heart
Example: I need to memorize this poem.

11. Recall

Meaning: Bring to mind
Example: I can’t recall his name right now.

12. Recollect

Meaning: Remember
Example: Do you recollect our first meeting?

13. Ring a Bell

Meaning: Sound familiar
Example: Her name rings a bell.

14. Stick In Your Mind

Meaning: Be memorable
Example: That song sticks in my mind.

15. Take a Trip Down Memory Lane

Meaning: Remember the past
Example: Let’s take a trip down memory lane.

16. Think Back

Meaning: Remember past events
Example: Think back to your childhood days.

17. Bring to Mind

Meaning: Cause to remember
Example: This brings to mind our old house.

18. Jog Your Memory

Meaning: Help recall
Example: This photo might jog your memory.

19. Bring to Light

Meaning: Reveal or recall
Example: The diary brought to light old memories.

20. Hold in Memory

Meaning: Keep in mind
Example: I’ll hold that in memory forever.

Expressions About REMEMBERING

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