20 Expressions Using the Word “OVER”

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The word “over” is versatile and widely used in English, appearing in numerous idioms and phrasal verbs. This blog post explores 20 common expressions using “over,” providing their meanings and example sentences to enhance your vocabulary and understanding of this useful word.

1. Over the moon

Meaning: Extremely happy.

Example: She was over the moon with joy.

2. Over and out

Meaning: End of communication.

Example: The pilot said, “Over and out.”

3. Get over

Meaning: Recover from.

Example: It took him months to get over the flu.

4. Over the hill

Meaning: Past prime.

Example: At 50, he feels over the hill.

5. Over the top

Meaning: Excessive or exaggerated.

Example: Her reaction was over the top.

6. Over one’s head

Meaning: Beyond understanding.

Example: The math problem went over his head.

7. Overlook

Meaning: Fail to notice.

Example: She overlooked a crucial detail in the report.

8. Overcome

Meaning: Succeed despite difficulties.

Example: She overcame all obstacles in her way.

9. Overdo

Meaning: Do excessively.

Example: Don’t overdo the exercise; take breaks.

10. Overhear

Meaning: Hear unintentionally.

Example: I overheard them talking about the surprise.

11. Overreact

Meaning: React too strongly.

Example: She tends to overreact to minor issues.

12. Oversee

Meaning: Supervise.

Example: He was hired to oversee the project.

13. Overturn

Meaning: Reverse a decision.

Example: The judge overturned the previous ruling.

14. Overcast

Meaning: Cloudy sky.

Example: The sky was overcast all day.

15. Overflow

Meaning: Spill over.

Example: The river overflowed after the heavy rain.

16. Overlap

Meaning: Extend over.

Example: The meeting times overlap by 30 minutes.

17. Overcharge

Meaning: Charge too much.

Example: The store overcharged him for the item.

18. Overrate

Meaning: Value too highly.

Example: The movie was overrated by critics.

19. Overstay

Meaning: Stay too long.

Example: He overstayed his welcome at the party.

20. Overturn

Meaning: Flip over.

Example: The car overturned on the icy road.

expressions using the word over

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