20 Expressions Related to “Summer”

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Summer brings warmth, vacations, and unique expressions. Here are 20 idioms and phrasal verbs that capture the essence of summer, along with their meanings and example sentences.

1. Dog days of summer

Meaning: Hottest summer period.
Example: The dog days of summer are finally here.

2. Beat the heat

Meaning: Stay cool.
Example: Let’s go swimming to beat the heat.

3. Soak up the sun

Meaning: Enjoy the sun.
Example: We’re going to the beach to soak up the sun.

4. Catch some rays

Meaning: Sunbathe.
Example: She loves to catch some rays on weekends.

5. Summer fling

Meaning: Short summer romance.
Example: They had a brief summer fling last year.

6. Make hay while the sun shines

Meaning: Take advantage of opportunities.
Example: Let’s make hay while the sun shines.

7. Midsummer madness

Meaning: Crazy summer activities.
Example: The festival was full of midsummer madness.

8. Sizzling hot

Meaning: Extremely hot weather.
Example: It’s going to be sizzling hot today.

9. Fun in the sun

Meaning: Enjoy outdoor activities.
Example: We’re planning some fun in the sun.

10. Indian summer

Meaning: Late warm weather.
Example: We enjoyed an Indian summer in October.

11. Surf’s up

Meaning: Good waves for surfing.
Example: Grab your board, surf’s up!

12. Bikini weather

Meaning: Warm enough for swimsuits.
Example: It’s finally bikini weather again.

13. Summer breeze

Meaning: Light, pleasant wind.
Example: A summer breeze makes everything better.

14. Sun-kissed

Meaning: Tanned by the sun.
Example: She looked healthy and sun-kissed.

15. Hot as a firecracker

Meaning: Extremely hot.
Example: Today feels hot as a firecracker.

16. Sunny side up

Meaning: Cheerful or positive.
Example: She always looks at life sunny side up.

17. Chase the sun

Meaning: Seek sunny places.
Example: We love to chase the sun during vacations.

18. Sunburnt

Meaning: Burnt by the sun.
Example: He got sunburnt at the beach.

19. Walking on sunshine

Meaning: Feeling very happy.
Example: She’s been walking on sunshine all week.

20. Hit the beach

Meaning: Go to the beach.
Example: We’re planning to hit the beach tomorrow.


expressions related to summer

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