20 Expressions With the Verb “EAT”

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Exploring idioms and phrasal verbs can make your English more colorful and engaging. Here are 20 expressions with the verb “eat,” complete with short meanings and example sentences.

Expressions With EAT

1. Eat out

Meaning: Dine at a restaurant.
Example: Let’s eat out tonight for dinner.

2. Eat in

Meaning: Dine at home.
Example: We decided to eat in tonight.

3. Eat up

Meaning: Consume completely.
Example: He ate up all the cookies.

4. Eat away at

Meaning: Gradually destroy.
Example: Guilt was eating away at him.

5. Eat like a horse

Meaning: Eat a lot.
Example: He eats like a horse every meal.

6. Eat like a bird

Meaning: Eat very little.
Example: She eats like a bird, barely anything.

7. Eat your words

Meaning: Admit you’re wrong.
Example: You’ll eat your words soon enough.

8. Eat humble pie

Meaning: Apologize and show humility.
Example: He had to eat humble pie after losing.

9. Eat your heart out

Meaning: Feel jealousy or envy.
Example: Eat your heart out, I won the prize!

10. Eat someone alive

Meaning: Criticize severely.
Example: The critics ate him alive for his performance.

11. Eat someone out of house and home

Meaning: Consume all food.
Example: The kids ate me out of house and home.

12. Eat up time

Meaning: Use a lot of time.
Example: This project is eating up my time.

13. Eat dirt

Meaning: Endure humiliation.
Example: After the mistake, he had to eat dirt.

14. Eat crow

Meaning: Admit defeat or mistake.
Example: She had to eat crow after the argument.

15. Eat on the go

Meaning: Eat while moving.
Example: I often eat on the go during busy days.

16. Eat at

Meaning: Bother persistently.
Example: The problem was eating at him.

17. Eat away

Meaning: Gradually reduce.
Example: Inflation eats away at savings.

18. Eat into

Meaning: Use up resources.
Example: Unexpected costs ate into our budget.

19. Eat up space

Meaning: Occupy a lot of space.
Example: The new sofa eats up the living room space.

20. Eat it up

Meaning: Enjoy something thoroughly.
Example: The audience ate up his performance.

Expressions With EAT

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